Monday, December 14, 2009

The Princess and The Frog

oops..its been a week I didnt blog. I still remember I told myself that I will have to write at least once a week, to keep my discipline...this is not an excuse, cant blog cause I was in Philippine, Manila for the past few days. so wait for my posts of my trip there and lotsa pics will be sharing with u guys soooonnnn... per the title for this post, I've just watched the princess and the frog, yup...just like half hour ago.

To be frank, I am very disappointed with this movie. before watchin it, I have those like princess story kinda feel and urge me to watch this movie, I thought this will be a damn nice movie...or at least no this bad after I watched it.

I am not sure what's the point of them to make this movie. 2 maybe. 1 is because they wanted to create a NEW princess kinda story+fairy tale in a world today, but by using the style of at least 23 years ago, or for sure more than 23 years. 2 is, I cant think of another point.

It's a very typical Walt Disney OLD Style cartoon. As per my point above, maybe they are trying to make it The Frog Prince part 2, for the kids to have the fairy tale dream in their childhood even they grow up one day. Just like us. Why Cinderella, Snow White etc are still so memorable for us, its because they are classic, and why izit classic its because it was made so many years ago, and that's their style AT THAT TIME. So why still for now? yea...cause they want to make another walt disney cartoon for mentioned earlier...

how's the story like? just like my blog post of u see the main point? or u dun? or u thought u understand but actually u dont? that's the conclusion from my of this movie :p

BUT...there are few scenes are very memorable and nice to remember :) still..its not worth RM24 T_T

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