Sunday, December 27, 2009

Manila Trip Day 1 Part 3 - last part for Day 1

At last! I'm going to post the last post for my Manila DAY 1 post.haha

yes, after we rest at Eric's house, we dressed up ourselves and headed to Embassy first, as in the pub...hehe

u know what...the sushi were damnnnnn niceeee!!! dont know izit because that's our dinner, and it was around 9 or 10 something d so we were damn hungry...but seriously its damnnnn yummy!!

then we headed to Makati's world trade centre for Armin Van Buuren, voted world's top DJ...but I'm not a big fan of club or went there for fun with them :D

it's kinda 'touching' thou when everyone is holding up their camera or cellphones to capture the moment

whole nite long, of coz some take some pics :p

sot d...forgot to zoom out after took some pics of Armin, so this is the zoom in pic of me and SY..haha

ok..the normal wan

we went home around last we can sleep!!! yay!! after a long long day...of day 1 in Manilla trip...

stay tune for more interesting post!! :D

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