Friday, May 01, 2009


Do you ever have this kind of feeling, when you are giving up on something because you know you wont get to have the thing, and you are adjusting to accept, but end up…the thing have came back to you?

Well, I did.

Yesterday, my ah bo (pet) was lost. That time I was outside, my mom called me and tpld me that...I shocked d...then I think back my previous pet - Pearly...she was lost...the feeling of blaming myself appeared again...last time she came back, but I was not at home, if I am, I will open the door for her like usual and she will get to come in, but it doesnt happen to be so...ended up...she never come back

When the image come to this stage, I cried...cannot tahan d...also worried. Says what Ah Bo has been with us for 4 years, my longest duration pet.

I didnt care whether it is very dangerous and looking for dog at midnight hours...Ah Bo is the only thing that was in my mind at that time. I was so exhausted after looking for him like..dunno how long d...maybe was not that long but I feel like at that time it was passing so000 slow. I am giving up d, I already tell myself...ok..lets be sad, lets face the true, Ah Bo is missing and will never come back to u....what I can brain wash myself at that time were all the negative thoughts.

I went back home, parents scolding me because of spending too much time at this late to look for a dog because there was an old man in the neighbourhood has just been kidnapped. Suddenly the aunty that stayed opposite our house told us that her son saw our dog somewhere near...which actually I've been there...I even asked the security that ronda that area but he said he didnt saw a dog. But I didnt care, at least there is a hope there.

Very quickly, I rushed there...saw the security again, and so I asked again...this time we got a diff first I thought he was pointing at the cat which he thought is a dog...then when we go nearer...IS AH BO!!! omg!!! I really cant believe my own eyes, maybe ah bo also cant believe his own eyes cause he also like stoned d :p

I dont know how to describe the feeling but I just feel...feel...weird? of course I am happy because I found him at the mood of giving up..should be happy rite? hehe...ya..excited at that time...

I called my bro and said that I found him...when I reach home...all of them were outside waiting..that visual was so warming..although my parents said dont want dont want but at last they actually very worry about him

Anyway...its a good ending :)


yann said...

ohh.. so u always say i'm lucky rite.. there's a tips.. always think negatively or opposite of what u wish to come.. so end up.. it'll turn oppositely.. u got what i mean.. anyway.. welcome back from krabi.. i'm waiting for ur post ya...

vOon said...

haha...miss..tat's wat we always talked bout loh...think oppositely of wat we hope to happen...but recently my mind is blank d...sienzz T_T