Wednesday, January 14, 2009

captain's birthday

this is the first birthday I went in 2009...yea...kesian cause 1 and half year been spent in Melbourne..missed out so many 21st birthday of frens...

anyway...basket ball team from Yuk Chai (my primary school) 1998...onyl half of the team..or I should say less than half, haha..cause some not in KL d, some not free...some ffk...tats why loh..but for some of my readers, yay...u get to see some other ppl in my blog d...hahahahaha

pictures time!
me, yann and wea hong (the guy in the pic) get to reached first. We said his face seems fatter when we took some pics he trying to pose to make his face look smaller..example

he sit further behind me so the face look smaller


use both hands to cover his face...hahahahah...stupid...but in this pic he get to have a smaller face..wuahaha

yay...birthday 'boy' reached d so we can get this big big teh 1st time drinking this

the birthday boy and his gf...sweetnya

the galsss

birthday written ' Timothy de captain'..cause he used to be the captain of our basket ball team

we will put on 23....yup...23 sticks of candles...wuahaha..but we keep 4 to light up the candles

so many hands to light up the candles

nah...23 candles

must have a group photos geh :p of the guy left d...mou yi hei

see the '8 gong'..ppl making a wish he also wan

sweet sweet couple...wat a perfect match

birthday boy blowing the candles...seriously...the smokes...hahaha...too much of candles d la

sekali 2 sticks....geng!

he really use his mouth to take out 23 sticks of candles loh..haha

cutting the cake..but fail

end up the gf gotta help

take pics with the birthday boy before he left

take with my fren (Janice) before we left

before we leave...he still trying to take a pic to cover his face...hahahaha

birthdays birthdays.....who's next?

me! me! me! still got 1 month and 10 fast gotta celebrate 23rd birthday d T_T
hm...still wondering how should I plan my birthday...


guywithasmile said...

waa..that tea ice so huge!! U GUYS ACTULLY SHARE THAT CUP?? so yucky lah.. saliva and all :)

vOon said...

we all very close la...we have our own cups la