Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to Singapore Part.1

Yes...its the end of the year and I went to Sg what I do almost every year..but this year its not the same..because for this time, I went there with my fren to visit another fren of mine...we all were college mates last time...why do we visit her all of the sudden..


because....this is our breakfast before we leave KL

hahahaha...joking la...this is the breakfast of me and my mom before we went to SG...she go sg to visit her mom..and I go visit my fren because we have another new fren..her name is Abigail...

n this is her pic

cute kan! hehe..there's more

pai seh..I just LOVE kidssss...especially those I can play and take care with..I dont dare to touch any kids because u never know sometimes some parents dont like strangers to play withtheir kids

see...they are so small!! 2 of my hands equal half of her body d!

and ya...they are tired d..gotta go to sleep

the nite ends with her pic and the morning start with her pic too :D
its all about her - Abigail :p

so we..I mean I slept until around 9something while Ann is online-ing cause once she woke up she cant sleep back after we get ready...we planing to go orchard road..but Ann is hungry so we makan 1st...which is MC.D

I ordered this Mc.Spicy..tot got diff..but actually same as our Spicy Chicken Mc.Deluxe...I used to love Sg's MC.D more than Msia..maybe not anymore..hehehe

then we went to this shopping centre call Ion...nak go toilet 1st...and u know wat..the toilet its awesome!!!! even the entrance oso nice..but I dont dare to take pics u guys go have a look la..haha

but I like the interior...cause

I know I might sounds crazy...but dont u think its nice when all the toilet can have this kind of in they covered it when u shit or fart or pee...ppl from another washroom cant here so u wont be so pai seh to 'move on'? hahahahaha

ok..stop the crap...when we discovered this SEPHORA...n I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I get so crazy...although I know I dont have the money to buy la..but I so hope I got money to buy..haha...I really love it la...dont know why when I saw lots of shoes, lots of nice clothes...lots of jewels...I dont really have feeling..but not until I saw lots of skin care and cosmetics! I just dont know why, maybe because of their packaging I love SEPHORA...Singaporen ladies are so 'hang fuk' wonder they can be so pretty..hahhaha

just 2 pics of the same place...not dare to take pics coz ppl are everywhere

love to see colorful things like this!!

we stayed in there around..maybe around 1 hour..hehe

then we head to the place where Ann wanna go..she said there got cheaper clothes..

on the way...we can see that they already got xmas decorations! so early..they mmg geng...but this yr their decorations are just so so from my opinions...cause as I said almost every end of the year I will go to Sg since I was with last time...this time seems like didnt put too much of effort..dunno izit becoz they decorate it too rush and early leh?

wah...still got so many pics to post and talk I'll just make it to next post la..tml its monday again! hope the 'blue' wont come...nite u ollzzz :D

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