Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aries and Taurus are in the 'farm'

hey guys...sorry for being not so up to post about the 12 horoscopes things coz was away for a trip to Singapore to visit my fren and her baby..and I LOVE SG's shopping complex omg! till then..let me continue our horoscope thingy shall we?

this time I am going to post Aries...and Taurus :)

I am not sure is because I am not the horoscopes itself, so I cant really FEEL maybe if any of u are one of the horoscopes..can u pls share with me whether u guys feel the feeling they trying to potray...

for what it means
Both of them are colleagues...the gf kena scold by the boss cause of the end results of the project..
then suddenly the guys fight back..saying its not her fault but the boss's fault...because he is the one who had the stupid idea, he is the one who helping his bro...he's the one didnt do much work but go to sleep with another wife...bla bla bla

the funny part I felt which is when the boss threw the paper...and it make it like those typical romance scene...some things just gotta flew down from the above example like autumn leaves, sakura, snow and so this time they used papers...most funny is the last part where the boss feel down..:p

enjoy for Aries

for taurus...really a short one...its about feeling secure...

so half of the video, none of them are talking..just I look at u and u look at me...I wonder they got kena bitten by mosquitoes anot :p haha...anyway...suddenly the guy said let's get marry..and the girl said ok...then he wear the helmet for her, its only medium shot which will make us thought that they are riding on a motorcycle, but its not...they are going into a car...

in a way they showing the humor, but another way...this is the more 'striaght foward' way to show the feeling of being secure :D
I understand la what they trying to potray la..but cant really feel it

hope u guys get to enjoy :D next will be Gemini and Cancer...nice two :)

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