Friday, November 13, 2009

Gemini and Cancer

Hm…Gemini and Cancer…

Quite a long story to write about these 2 horoscopes…I mean my personal thoughts la.

Cause, I used to have a Gemini bf. Gemini suppose to be someone that very sporting, outspoke, always love to make new friends blab la bla…also, 2 faces…but I cant see any of these symptoms on wonder he don’t believe on horoscopes..haha..other than that, I have no idea whether I have any guy friends are Gemini, neither my girl friends…but I heard that Gemini are not someone u can too depends on, as in COUPLE. Cause they very hard to be stable with only one. BUT once they confirm you are the one, u wan leave also hard.

Cancer..well..Cancer is always my 1st choice…as in I really really hope my future husband is a cancerian. All the while I always wanted a cancerian guys, cause they are very sensitive but yet not too sensitive (not like Piscean :p )…they very ‘sai sum’, take care of u nicely, treat u like their baby..and if ur husband is a cancerian..that will be the happiest thing in the world because they will take care of their family as much as they can and I mean it!

Just like my dad, cause they are very family centered. I still remember everytime me and my siblings got whatsoever exams or going to someone further than KL, my dad confirm are the most gan jiong person ever. The day, or a week before exam, he will keep on ask how everything, this and that..on the exam day itself, maybe when u leaving, he call and ask, reach the place, call and ask, just finish…inform him..only until the results are out…he got it..but didn’t say anything..just 1 sentence that I always remember for the rest of my life, which is ‘as long as you try your best’. He never says anything that I don’t wan to see ur low marks or whatsoever, just that sentence!

And quite often, I always fall for cancerian guys…as in before I found out that they are cancer.

Sometimes my mom will complain that my dad love his children more than the wife. So I said, at least you are his wife, he treat u better than while u r his gf rite…my mom said yes! Haha…so confirm cancerian very care their family wan…and my dad never betray my mom before!

Ok, out of topic liao although I am still in the topic.

In this Gemini video, although I cant imagine myself as the girl la, but I can feel that guy so cute la, somehow is abit ‘sei cin nan da’ what, die die also say wanna get marry…maybe becoz like that la, so I found that part very cute :p so tat gal also beh tahan and accept d..very fast they get back to the reality…WORK! this is what their ‘dialogues’ looks like

guy : let get marry

gal : what? We are working now ok!

guy : T_T I’m just asking wert

gal : cant you wait till we finish work?

guy : cannot <--- cutenyaaaa!

gal : eh, you very ‘noisy’ leh.

guy : I didn’t make any noise also.

gal : rubbish!

guy : takkan you want me to say it out rite

gal : u wan die izit

guy : get marry get marry get marry get marry get marry get marry

then the girl smile (with happiness) and say YES…aww it from the start when the guy masuk only then say let’s get marry…then the gal keep on reject...until he took of his sunglass and look at her...then she smile and said ok :) love the music thou :p enjoy

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