Wednesday, November 04, 2009

TVB stars!!

I saw TVB stars!! 陈法拉&郑嘉颖...woohoo!!

郑嘉颖really sooooooooooo handsome! and 陈法拉 is sooo pretty too! its nice to work in radio station..wuahaha

but too bad we cant take pics with them coz their manager dun let :(

when I was taking pics, the funny thing is there were some gals from the company, then they know who is tat guy but not the gal, somemore said tat gal is her assistant OMG! my colleague beh song coz she like 陈法拉, they must be feeling awkward at tat 1st we tot tat gal quite LC but she even smile to the camera while there are some ppl taking pics from outside the studio. nice~~

here are the pics..enjoy....

till then :D

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