Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pisces just love it

I always always always wanted to do a story, or a drama...which is all about our 12 horoscopes..coz I always find it interesting that why horoscopes can be so accurate sometimes (FYI..we also have to see our moon, venus etc falls on which horoscopes to make it more accurate)

then I saw this website suppose they are a F&B company where they made fortune cookies (喜饼).Fortune cookies are actually a gift where the chinese cultures will send it to the people to announce that sender are getting marry, with the invitation card.

But my point is, I find their ads damn interesting and funny! and its so true because it so those horoscopes...since its in chinese...I'm gonna do the translation here to provide u guys what izit about...enjoy

Firstly..of course I will telling be showing PISCES..the main reason its because they always put Pisces the last horoscopes...although it is la I dont know why...another reason its becoz I am a piscean...and this is so true!! the first ad I watched was Capricorn...really feel..but when I saw the pisces wan...sooooo cute and touching and funny...and so Pisces..haha

So here how the ad goes.

To make a pisces marry you...the way is - die die also stick to her (死缠爛打)actually another way is..NEVER GIVE UP la..haha

So in Taiwan they actually have the Miss Lift to serice the customers in the shopping centres. by help them saying they reach the floor d, press to open or close the lift and so on.

So in this ad, the guy at the 5th floor...he said to the gal "please marry me"...the girl didnt reply.
then he follows the girl to B2, yes...5th floor to B2 have 8th floors in between..
then from B2 to floor 17th! 20 floors!!

every floor he reach, he ask the gal to marry him..awww~~

n yes..pisces will calculate like I understand how the gal feel! and they caught us! ok..although I know this is just an ad and they just need to edit..of course I know that...I studied movies ok :p but tats the point...Pisces prefer to live in thier imagination world, as long their lover do something like so matter how bad u r, its just...allrite :D

here comes the video for you to enjoy...hopes the summary helps :)

Next video will be Aries...stay tune


dreamydolls said...

hahha.. that's how u gonna be tackle lo... so does that mean.. IF HE... keep on ask u to marry him.. than u will ya?

vOon said...

ello...the point they trying to put here is the 'sei cin nan da' thingy mer...marry anot its not the point...u see..she kissed the guy but she dint say yes..did she? hahaha :p