Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leo & Virgo

It’s good to post about Leo now since there’s a leonid meteor shower, or I mean there WAS…(suppose to post this on 18th November 2009)

Anyway its totally different thing (I guess)…LEO…actually I don’t really like LEO although I love LEO KU..haha..I mea so far I didn’t get to know any Leo which is very very nice…no..shud say they are nice..but just that we might not have the same wave length.

In this video, I think the actress did a very good job in there coz after watching this I really hates what she did…I mean…that is what the director trying to show leh, even the music oso put so cham wan…and the gal’s expression..really geng

The content? Well…its just that guy saying..let’s get marry, the gal saying – say it again…and this 2 sentences just keep on repeating…what to do..LEO is a horoscopes tat likes to show off and be the best among group…of course, everything we have 2 points of view, either good or bad. For me its not good being too showing off and wanna attract too much attention. But the good thing is I also know some LEO attracts good attention and are positive feedback, everyone love them too :D but for guys that wanna chase a Leo gal…better don’t if u think u r not a guy with good tempered and patient.

Perfectionist…this is what we always know about Virgo..I was also told by few of my male frens saying that I am a perfectionist as well…no wonder I find this video kinda make sense.hahahah..somehow my ‘MOON’ located on the virgo..for virgo..lets see whether how u feel about this video.

Guy : This is the place we had our first date.

Gal : Don’t tell me that you are going to say something like ‘would you marry me’.I don’t like it when people can’t speak clearly. Even ‘would you marry me’also can’t speak clearly, still dare to ask someone to marry him.

Guy : But that gal also got problem right. How can she listen wrongly. From ‘would you marry me’ until ‘please do your best’. She’s abit hard on hearing right.

  • Would you marry me – jia gei wo ba
  • Please do your best – jia ge you ba

Gal : I don’t think there’s any problem with her. Obviously that guy was wrong. Why cant he says ‘would you marry me’ sounds like ‘please do your best’. It’s his mistake still want to blame on others.

Guy : Let’s get marry.

Gal : You said it better J.But go and fix your teeth once you are free.

Haha…don’t know why I somehow kinda agree on that..maybe for me, to propose its very very important loh..so

everything should be perfect! hehe

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