Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Here I Come Again - emo + happy

This was a very terrible day for me...with their typhoon thingy..but no worries nothing happened to me (touch wood) if not I can not be writing this post now :p.

So, this was the 2nd last day for us in Hong Kong. I actually planned to go 大屿山(DayuShan) - Lantau Island.Where you can see the world's largest, seated, outdoor buddha statue. Well of course that's the point I planned to go there. But at the same day, typhoon signal was at no.1, which we still can run our activities...

get ready to Lantau Island, was kinda happy thou..we thought the sun is shining bright outside

We've took MTR which take us like around 45minutes to city gate -  its like warehouse la...lotsa brands there...I think its more worth it if you are looking for branded stuff.

So when we reached there it's like almost 3pm. I really dont like those people are working there. As in out of the shopping centre, there's this small cashier thingy with 2 staffs, selling bus tickets to Lantau Island. They rushed us for buying the tickets asap cause it's the last call, 3pm is closing d. Well, I dont mind taking the decision, but I just feel like being cheated or what. We as a tourist at least need 5 minutes to think about it whether we should take the bus, the cable car. Then which tickets should we buy this n tat...seriously I felt we kena cheated by them, cause you actually can use the MTR card wtf -.-

HKD35 per person k!!

raining non stop

trying to calm myself down with music and watching the scenery outside, cause we are going uphill, I got car sick, sea sick..watever sick as long it makes me feel dizzy...

so please be cautious for those who are same like me...go take the cable car which take only 20-25minutes per trip, cost its around HKD90-120

When we reached, it is still raining...no...I should said it rained heavier and I heard that its getting up to typhoon signal no.3 already -.-

you know what is so near yet so far right...that's been running in my head for that few hours when I was there...

As we never face typhoon before, we actually thought that maybe the rain will stop soon...so we ordered tau fu fa

well...actually the rain never stop...it just get heavier and heavier...even with the lightning...well yea of course we know the rain wont stop cause it's not raining, its typhooning...just deep down my heart I hope the rain will stop ~seriously

I wanted to reach the Buddha statue, like the others, wearing the rain coat and take an umbrella..but that will never happen if my dad is around me...

sadnya :(

so..die die also wanna take pic with the buddha statue

I felt really wasting time and money, so even its raining, we walked to the nearest temple to take some pics

rain until u cant even see the background k

actually if not raining then will be very nice wan loh :(

well since nothing much to do in the rain, most of the people rather go bk

and this is when my nightmare started... at first its not nightmare wan, cause there's a group of France guy (I suppose) damn leng chai and am just standing beside them...wuahaha..

Im still ok at the beginning but not after like 5 minutes? I already feel like vomitting when the bus driving downhill, bumpy and pusing...for that 45 minutes, I've been forcing myself not to vomit...no pls not in the bus..I have nothing to vomit into...I dont know whether u can imagine how suffering and how hard it is...at last when we reached, I cannot tahan d..I found a place behind a bus and not tat many ppl and squad down and vomit~arghhh...at last I feel half release...I really hate to vomit and the last time I vommited was like few years back...

so I went to the nearest washroom which located in citygate, and stayed inside for dont know how long cause I still feel drowsy. When I feel abit better, me and my parents rest at the food court. hai...I really dont know how I pass thru that...

Not to waste my time anymore, after resting for like almost an hour, we decided to go walk around the shopping centre but at last didnt buy anything...really feel like wasted la this trip -.-

Since we have nothing to do, we decided to headed back to Mongkok...

my dad love this restaurant, me too!!

everything there its just so delicious! ( macam everything in HK oso delicious...hm..)

 I'm ready~~~appetite even better than just now

my dad ordered tendon...which is best of the best!! we even ordered another bowl

I just ordered the normal beef, which is not bad also...

after our dinner we all went to shopping and spend all our money~~~

and these are what I bought~~

from bonjour -  a place must go for cosmetics, skin care and perfume

Hada Labo foam cleaner - HKD 69 (not available in Msia)
perfumes its from 19 and above

belts~~ 1 for 35...2 for 60..HKD...means RM30 only!!! RM15 per belt omg

shoessss~~~ price its depends where you buying and how many pairs you buying..of course the more you buy the more discounts they will give...

my mom bought this - HKD 120, discount till HKD 90

this is mine..ori HKD 139, after doscount HKD 100

Ori - HKD 90, after discount HKD 75

then I bought this at another shop, only HKD 60 loh -.- but the shoes there are more cute than glamour la

love at first sight on this shoes..still loving it~~

shirt I bought from fa yuen street few days ago - HKD 70

then cam whore coz the lighting very nice..hahaha

then since I have nothing to do, I decided to ...hehehe

wear it up and see nice anot...if not nice maybe still got the chance to change it..hahaha

I love what I bought..they all have their own style...

simple but nice

girlish + class

cute + fun! that is why that made me pose like that..haha

n my favorite all time..stripes...plus this is marine style *double like*

n this is my supper...damn fattening I know...its ok la since I vomitted during the day d...hahaha..gd nite :)

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