Sunday, October 03, 2010

Here I Come Again - Wedding in Hong Kong

Yes, as you can see this post it's about the wedding, but nope..its not the wedding thingy u saw earlier from my blog, not this...not so fast la, that was my best friend. This is my college friend + sing k kaki, and lucky her is marrying this HK guy.

She is still very blur as usual 2nd day in HK was the day for her wedding, and I only get to know one day before that me and our other friend - Michelle actually have to attend the morning session wan loh. What I meant is morning session is the session when she get married, and the night one of course the wedding dinner. She kept saying that she told us..but I guess she's too busy till she dont know who she told cause me and Michelle were sure that she did not told us, she still the soh poh like last time XD

So of course we attended when she get married. It's totally a whole new experience for me to attend a wedding in HK. around 8 we have to reach her place (the hotel she staying - The Mira). The Mira in Tsim Tsa Zui it's damn damn classy can. Dun believe? let's see does these pics convince u...

am not sure what room is this, but am sure it's gonna be expensive!

the 'living room'

with my favorite brand - Sony everything for u!!

the 'kitchen'

the bathroom...

omg its damn nice loh!!! nice till I think I can sleep in here..hahahahaah

dining place

n the iphone 3gs

nah...I was just's Ann's Iphone :p

lil bit of here n there

the 2 photographer and 1 videographer...dont play play...they photogrpaher are soooo professional? He can let the baby focus on the camera, which I dont see that here...then usually in Msia we have this aunty 'kam jie' to follow u, teach u when to do wat, then what to say etc...but allthese, are done by a photogrpaher wth -.- I wonder whether he charges more anot

the ji muis..tallest is Ann's sis...they also very pro in creating the challenges for the guys to pass thru

like...brush ur teeth....with different flavor example wasabi, chili sauce etc...disgusting -.-

and..they gonna take off their socks immediately, and hang it with the marshmallows~~and then~~~they will shake it

the heng dai gotta eat the marshmallows...OMG T_T imagine ur face is sticking with those smelly stocks -.-

while they are busy playing outside...we bz taking pics inside..haha

bride started to get anxious d~~

but still can pose for me

this was the part when the broom confessing to her

can see the happiness on her face

and here comes her prince charming

cut it short and let's kiss~~

'yam cha' session..haha

the most touching parts are always from the speech

Ann's cute

 see...can u see how focus was the baby!!

the only rolls royce in grand jor loh she got this for her wedding...I mean they rent la..haha..but also more than enough d lo

Yes, HK is not that big, so when you got this kind of thing going on, everyone on the street will surely look at you when they passby. Well, I am sure whoever will do that no matter which country you are in..

After the photosession with the car, Ann have to get change again and head to the broom's house, which we didnt follow..This is just the 1st part of the post will be me n my parents searching for the place I DESPERATELY heading for...

till then~~bye~~

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