Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here I Come Again - Longest......

 yay yay~~ this day has come and I am so ready to search for the place~~

am very excited about it...

As usual, I dont really do I went out the wrong exit...the exit I should go for its actually D2

 not sure whether its good or bad...this is the first building I saw...which I like it la cause I dont mind to look see look see around..but the weather its SUPER HOT!!! and u know what...everywhere are Indo n Philipino maid...I didnt know that Sunday its their holiday...they are in EVERYWHERE..even on the roadS

At first we actually wanted to take the 'ding ding che'(tram)...but we really have no idea which number should we take and what time the tram will come although we have the schedule infront of us

so...I only can look at the tram and say bye bye :(

If you are someone that dont like to walk so much to reach your destination...pls really do some research..dont be like me :p

I've went to this place cause I saw the board they show the way to 'the place'

but...actually its still very we really beh tahan d and look for a place to makan...and we chose '大家乐‘

after we makan full full...its time to walk again~abit kesian my parents :p

皇天不负苦心人 last I found the place!! the longest outdoor escalator in the world - no kidding!!
a must go place in HK yo...

see my mom's hand..*peace*

I love this place so much that I cant stop taking pics...and no matter how cin cai u take the pics, the outcome its just in so got feel

along the way up...there's condos, buildings, shops

this road it's hollywood road - coz got alot of mat salleh there...

see..even my dad wanna join them :p

just jk is named hollywood street? there is nothing to do with America's that is named so because many many years ago, there's many hollywood trees at that place. So they named the street 'Hollywood Street'

 yea...we went all the way up..then we went all the way down. next post will be the post all the way down~~
and some beautiful places u must go! till then lovelies~~

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