Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here I Come Again, Here I Go Again

so fast it's our last day in hk...nothing much we can do as we gotta reach airport around 4something,and we are taking off at 2.30. but we are boarding at 6somethig. yes I know,so gan jiong for wat rite. boh bian when my dad is here...really beh tahan even the staff who helped us to call taxi wan oso beh tahan. cause he asked us what time it's our flight, my dad said 6something but he wan to be there early,the staff actually suggested to go a 3.30 based on my dad's gan jiongness...but hahaha,my dad even wants it earlier which to asked the taxi reach here at 2.30..means we ace to reach back to hotel at 2.00 -.-

here's the pic of the hotel lobby..forgot to show in the 1st day post :p

so...really boh bian la we just have to walk around mongkok..oh,FYI when we started to go out it's 12something I just go sasa do some last minute shopping..n had our lunch nearby.

those japanese guys behind very handsome n cute neh :p

mince pork and ikan masin..damn nice...why everything in hk are so delicious~~

still cant get over the beef meat ball

after makan then its time to go bk to the hotel, sit awhile while waiting for taxi and off we go~
fall asleep on the way to airport...the airport it's darn cold dunno why. I know airport are always cold but this is really different lo.

I really cannot tahan my dad lo -.- (of coz I still love him) but why I said I really cannot tahan which I don't think you can also. I think you all can guess that we reached the airport very early..let's of course we still can't check in yet, not even the counter number it's shown on the monitor yet.

loving my marine style jacket

so I went to look for my 几米's purse, which I regretted I did not buy it the last time I went to HK, cause I cant find it this time :(...and at last I bought a purse - Agnes B...most expensive purse so far in my life..cost RM600something -.- hai....but if i dun like it then it will be I LOVE IT...well of course la if not I wont buy it but just feel sam tung only...

sam tung still I wont toucher my stomach

so dun care jor..Im hungry so I wanna eat my fav pau - red bean pao coz the flight actually delayed for like 2 hours and we are stucked in the airplane for 2 hours and they can not serve us the food -.- really suffering...

camwhore it's always the best thing to do while waiting (only apply on ppl who love to camwhore ) :p

on the way back this time, I just slept for awhile. So the rest of the time I just do my favorite thing - watching the sky outside..then I saw stars!!!!! it's so near and so bright!!!! am I dreaming??????

ok...i'm dreaming cause those are the ships' lights and we are on the ocean -.- why why why~~~!!! I hope its the stars...really :( *being in my fantasy again*

still I love watching the scene outside...

ooo~~finish my HK trip post d...stay tune for more 'exciting' posts~ till then loveliesss

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