Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here I Come Again - yummy day~

After we went all the way up, we decided to walk all the way down...well actually its not that hard thou...but not with high heels babe :p

then we went for tea time, actually we just need some aircond coz its freaking hot outside!

Coffee Jelly - sounds nice on the menu,doesnt look nice rite..but not bad actually...refreshing ~~

tau fu fa~~I love it!!
Tell you something..I love to eat tau fu fa but I dont eat tau fu at all!! seriously...do u think I am weird? cause everyone said so but I really think its different lo :(

baba so cute~~ haha

baba help me take pic

does this look like cheese powder to u? its brown sugar yo ~

 bye bye~ :(

We headed to 'tsim tsa zui' after that...cause we wanna go 'xing guang da dao - arena star'

she wanna said she was trapped inside :p

this is kinda funny thou...looks easy n small..but when u really walk inside, it seems so spacious and object infront of you seems so far away...guess its the effects of the mirror

I found this!! the clock tower along the road of anevue star which I did not visit the last trip. Didnt even know they actually have the clock tower there if my parents didnt said so. Use to be a train station here, but they demolished and left this clock tower.

 it was mooncake festival..so they have this big tanglungs show..so cute~

The lighting show at avenue start starts at 8pm. So we went to 'the spaghetti house'

my fav all time - beef lagsana~~

yum yum~

the pizza is delicious too~~

yes yes...after dinner we rush to avenue star...

damn beautiful~~

everything is soooo beautiful~~ except the weather...its damn hot la!!! I really cannot tahan..u know when I am standing there with the crowd to watch the lighting show...no wind no nothing...just sweating like a pig..I seriously can feel the sweats falling down!!

 I still prefer to watch this scenary during winter..or autumn? or spring? as long its not summer :p
dont u agree? u cant be romantic at all in the hot weather..kan?

After walking for whole day, we just wan to go back and take some rest!

the crowd in Mongkok around 9something...geng woh

showing off my 'mak dao' pig pig bought in arena star..cute~~

lovely Ann actually dated us to sing k (our hobby way back then)...we still love to sing k now of coz but we dont have the chance anymore :(

we went to neway karaoke near the hotel we stayed...

touch screen~

pillow~~~I love it..but doesnt really dare to use loh due to the hygiene prob

aww~~really miss those days in karaoke~~n I feel so odd with them cause both of them are married and Michelle even a mom already! suddenly feel so old -.-

ooo...typhoon day the next post...see how I challenge it!!!!

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