Thursday, October 07, 2010

Here I Come Again - Wedding Dinner

Oopss...I made a mistake in the previous post by saying I am desperately searching for a place. That was suppose to be on the other day, not the day where Ann got married. On that day I actually just went to lepak in Mongkok as we only have few hours, cause by evening I have to get back to the hotel, get ready and attends her wedding dinner.

So...yea...I hope I did lepak-ed all the famous places in Mongkok like
'女人街' (lui yan street) - like our pasar seni, with cheap cheap stuff. But please dont ask the price if you dont actually plan to buy the stuff, if not I think you will kena scold by them or something like that.

Then is 花园街 'fa yuenm street'
I love this street, cause there's soooo many boutique shops that selling varieties of clothing. the funny thing is, all are just next to each other, so imagine Im entered almost every single shop. But then they actually sell almost the same thing, or totally the same thing. So, at the end of it, I just passby and see see.

n that's why I didnt took many pics also :p

After that I went to ’金鱼街’ gold fish street

It's actually a very new thing for me to I dont think there's 'packaging' in Malaysia. Although the name of the street its 'gold fish street'...but they dont only sell fishes but also some other kind of pets...

n some food too...which is abit disgusting for some people. Cause some places actually smells quite bad...of course what cause they have pets...oh..n I think poodle is the most popular dog in HK at the moment, cause most of the pet shops are selling poodle...and most of the owner owned poodles...

happy happy~~

After dont know by walking how far and how long, I actually reached Langham place  朗豪坊商场. They have H&M there~~

Around 5 something we headed back to our hotel...its really very tiring walking non stop for about 4-5 hours...NON STOP K! I am ok la but please do think for the elders too
and of course I gotta prepare myself to attend Ann's wedding dinner...

but one funny thing..all the while I thought HK those wedding dinner very grand this n we gotta really dress up ourselves, like what we watched from most of the HK dramas. But ...guess what I wore that day...just a simple black dress..its really very simple even the fabric itself are whole cotton. But of course simple not mean is cin cai ok...I've thought for so long only decided to wore that dress...

The people who came in actually will take picture with the bride or the groom nice is that :D

then they have lucky draw too~~numbers inside...haha..first time I heard wedding dinner got lucky draw

the menu
Oh yea, I'm actually quite impressed with the staff working there. Im not sure whether all the staff are trained to be so but so far I dont see this here. 
1st - they actually serve us every single dishes - in a very fast way (like how HKies walk)
2nd - very particular and professional (e.g a guy ordered a beer, the junior staff got him a wine glass. Junior staff kena scolded by a senior staff that he should get a beer glass instead'
Imagine here, haha..they wont even care la and you actually only have 1 glass to have all sorts of drinks.
Another example...cause the bride n groom will go to cheers with all the guests, but they dont shout 'yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm sing'..they just...cheers...then the senior staff (again) told the junior staff to make sure our glass are full so we can cheers with the bride n groom ...*thumbs up*

n the people


Here come the couple~

ah~~love is in the air and I can feel the happiness... *ding ding ding*

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