Friday, December 31, 2010

2010. 2011...

The last day is to start a new day...and today is the last day of 2010..same like others..we are starting to do our resolution for 2011 and I actually...totally have no idea I wrote a resolution for 2010...hahaha

2010 Resolution 
1. try not to cut my hair short
2. search for my dream
3. to be more confidence

So what's for this year...

Let me recap my year of looking at the pictures, I realize there's many first time of mine happened this year...

I touched a tiger in the tiger year in January~ seems good huh...

When it came to February..I would said it's a drastic changing month for me..

from happy~

celebrations with colleagues are always so happening and happy~ it just sparks up any celebration whenever they are here...

and of bunch of frens~~love hanging out with them ~~

was happy too..and feel like being love at that moment..celebrated valentine's day a week earlier as 14th Feb was the 1st day of CNY too in the year of 2010

in the same month...I decided to really let go..cleaned my room, packed the stuff after a year plus and keep it as my memory...AT LAST..

So, it's sort of like a new beginning, a new me...

Another new thing happened on me in the month of March..

I wore contact lens! 1st time ever in my life

and on the April..FIRST TIME ever to visit HK DISNEYLAND~~~~ am still so excited when I talk about it : D

FIRST TIME ever again..I went for an audition in MAY

just because it's every girls' dream to get the makeover from the famous gurus from TAIWAN~

and guess what..

I'm IN~~ for the show - My Dream Girl

it's been a hectic month for me in the month of June

totally a whole new experience for me and I feel so blessed to have the chance to get involve in this

damn happy get to know a new bunch of frens again and they are so nice and lovely~~

July..another hectic many birthday celebrations..the most birthday celebration month lo

Daddy's 60th birthday

Yen's birthday  

and sexy wong's birthday 

August started to slow down d...but not without trying new things again : D first hat ever I bought..which I really wear it :p

September it's a big month for my best friend, my best ji mui cause she is getting marry!! her bf proposed to sweeetttt~

us ji mui accompanied her to try out her wedding gown...

and at the same month, one of my best ex college mate got married! went to HK to attend her wedding

and of course..Mei Chin's birthday~~HOT~

and another first time again...wore my mom's baju kebaya for my company's event..good ending for the month :p 


Starting from October..I started to get skinnier...n skinnier..not sure whether a good thing for me anot as I would love to be skinnier, but the reason why is because I've been sicked quite often

November..even skinnier..guess loads of work to do and not enough rest..

I guess it's the skinniest time in the year of 2010, I find it scary thou..

Last but not least, December..quite a happening one...

one of photoshoot I love so far...another whole new level for me :)

and...Eiffel Tower~~~

and I'm glad to put on a full stop for the year of 2010 with these...

Thinking back, I think i'm half way for the 1st resolution of 2010, which my hair is getting longer now~ and I get to controlled myself not to cut it short (which I almost...again..hehe)

the other 2...yes..still confuse in I think for the resolution for will be the same resolution, cause I dont think I have made it...

Let's learn from the past and grow together~ hope the brand new year, there's brand new beginning and it must be a great gd year~~  till then..let's welcome the year of 2011~~~~

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