Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casual VS Super Casual

It's mixie matchy style again and today we have a guest !

Well its not someone new to this blog actually and if you've been someone that follow my blog for some time, you definitely know who is it...Well lets see you can guess it or not (DONT SCROLL DOWN)

Today I'm wearing stockings!!

Ok..I know I sounds...over. But dont you notice I hardly wear things to cover my legs? Yea, view back my previous posts, all are in skirts. Just because I have sensitive skin, so they tend to be so itchy whenver I wear tights or stocking or even jeans! how sad is that !! Jeans its everyone's best friend, its the easiest thing to match on earth! so you say..how sad is tat!!! Luckily my office's aircond its cold enough that I still cant feel the itchiness as long I'm in the cold condition. Still, I get the itchiness when I back home T_T

Top - website (RM16) I love huge top like this, especially when I can wear it as 1 piece.
Longchamp - its the bag that I use everyday now..its just so easy to match!
Belt - Vincci (RM19.9) On such a huge top like this...I decided to wear a belt. Just because you wont look
          TOTALLY flat. With a belt you can just simply create the curve on your body :D
Short Pants - better wear one to be safe. Only if you wear tights then its ok la. But I will still suggest you to
                     wear something inside when the top its at the length of you hip line. Its better to wear
                     something to cover that up, so your butt wont look bigger
Stocking/tights - For me I will definitely cover up my whole legs. Please dont wear any tights that is the only
                         until the ankle length...cause that will totally makes you look shorter!

Anyway..let me reveal our guest first! we went makan in 1u...since she is doing some fashion posts as well...I just asked permissions for posting her pictures (ddly)

IF you scroll down straight away when you see 'scroll down'...you fail!! hehe..just joking...
well yeah~~ its Emeryn! She's wearing casual today...
you know...when you have nice body...wear what also nice -.- envynya!

Handbag - Coach. Love this bag of hers. This just goes with everything. No matter casual, or smart casual.
                  Even formal
Top - Tops that I usually showed are not suitable for big boobs right. This kind of top definitely suites girls
          with bigger boobs, just like her..hehe. It's a good thing ok Im not teasing her. She knows what looks
          good  on her, just like wearing this top, if you are flat like me better dont wear it, cause we cant 'fill in
          the blank' LOL :p
Shorts - The skinniest you are, the shortest you wear. She have a pair of nice legs! even shorter she still
              looks good on this! Ohya, try to get a size bigger of what you usually wear. Short jeans like this
              looks better and ur legs skinnier when the jeans is looser. Remember! dont balut your tights ok...

That's all for now!! more to come soon~~ till then *hugzzzz*

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