Thursday, September 08, 2011

Shills Girls Gathering

After the FINALE of Shills Girl competition, this gathering consider the first gathering for us!!! officially..haha

Too bad only 4 of us can make it, which are those elders...while the youngers has exams and some other things to attend.

Our gathering was held in Amp Square karaoke which located at Sunway Pyramid.

with blur queen soh poh :p

another soh poh..this is always happy de soh poh

then this is our shills gal + superstar+ soh poh..hahaha

 and of course I'm a soh poh too so we all only can get along XD

I totally enjoyed this gathering!!! they did too!

we all pictures..singing competition and giving out prizes too~~

yes...damn nice rite..first time giving out is the prize for the best post of our testimonial...Mindy soh poh got the 1st prize :D congrazz *claps*

then for singing competition...I won myself a eye cream!! so happy nehhhh...cause everyone sang so well!!! so surprise and happy they like I sang too :p

Then..its our 'graduation'

After  me and blur queen soh poh (her name is mindy la  :p ) lepak in Sunway..and of course chatime too :p

we took this photo in toilet :p she said the light very nice woh

Then we were queueing at the Maybank ATM...she wanna take pic..walao..I damn pai seh la so many I dont want face camera

but she die die want to take -.- so I give her this face


Arghh...miss them so much la!! Next gathering is coming very soon! hopefully all of them can make it this time!!!!!!! * miss miss*


cutebun said...

All of them really leng lui le..which includes u too~ =D

vOon said...

hahaha...they are really very leng lui young! but thanks !! :p hehe

ken said...

so pink

vOon said...

Ken - haha..yalo cause their shirt memang is pink d

BenjaminVai said...

looks a beautifully good time~