Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living in the fairytale

weee~~I love to be model for if no need wake up early in the morning..haha..not because I think that I can be one but I just love trying different thing. Just like this time...

Thanks to one make up artist teach, I was asked to be make up model for one of her student for the exam. This exam's theme is "Bridal Carnival Make Up"

a photo before the transformation

this is totally made by her.Jacquelyn...I'm actually very impressed with her talent

She is so freestyle, she forgot to bring accessories, so she just made one..on the spot..I sure have no such creativity 

wanna match her dress so change to purple lens

after transformation~~ I feel like Tinkerbell or fairy

Her style definitely stands out...

other than talents, she is good looking too! so naaiiccee~

the students and their masterpiece~

also some local artists were invited~

Lets see the make up from a closer look...

She actually got lots of compliments from the Datin-datin and teachers too...congrats too her~~

I've enjoyed so much that day! Hopefully there's more to come!


Henry Tan said...

she's really talented!

Xue Ren said...

i like ur dress! so floral-ish! :)

vOon said...

Henry - yes! she is really talented!!

Xue Ren - I love it so much too!

Isabel said...

Ooo.. Like the flowers on your dress. She's so pretty too.. Looks Korean

vOon said...

Isabel - thanks to her :D yes...she is really pretty gal..with nice body and talented too :D envynyaaa