Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I Heart Paris

Ok, maybe not just Paris?Or maybe just Eiffel Tower? I'm a Eiffel Tower freak seriously, I cant resist anything which have the Eiffel Tower on it. But I really love the culture of Paris and Italy...or make it short...Europe. Really really love it~~

Today's mixie matchy style its of course, not very paris style, but I would say simple and nice with black and white :p oh..and grey...

Eiffel Tower top - Romp (RM45.00)
                            I know its quite expensive for a top (for me la) but like I said I cant
                            resist anything with Eiffel Tower. They even have the braces attached to it, which you can
                            adjust and make different design.
Tips                   - Doesnt really reckon for big boobs girls, cause its horizontal strips, which make your
                            body looks wider. If you really want to wear this, try to wear something tight at the
                            bottom but DONT tuck in your shirt. Make it look very loose at the top part and tight for
                            the bottom part. Also, dont wear anything that is high waist only if you want your big
                            boobs looks bigger

Black skirt - Cotton On
                    I think I already intro this skirt in my previous posts, sure wear it at least once a week cause it
                   just match with EVERYTHING.

Shoes - from website (RM45)

Agnes b handbag - from website (RM30something)

Just bought a handbag with Eiffel Tower on it! (some of you might have an idea what handbag is that). I am so gonna write a post about my Eiffel Tower collection :p

Till then my loveliesss~~

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Anonymous said...

I love paris too.. its cool planning a honeymoon there..hahahaha : the why of facebook like

check out..you might be interested. thank you and have a nice day