Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post Me

Yoo hoo~~ It's end of Tuesday, which is soon to be Wednesday...and that mean its mid of the week and weekend is coming soon~ LOL...

Okai...I shall start with my mixie matchy style for today..shall we : D

This is one of the outfit I wear to far I never take picture with this I notice..its quite short tim..macam not appropriate to wear to work although I wear short pants inside...maybe next time I should wear stocking inside of short pants...(itchy legs nightmare begins T_T )'s the tips~
Red cardigan from Melbourune - (AUD 17)
    - match with anything you want. Best with white, black, else..something not so dull maybe
      orange? purple?...but this cardigan's design its best not to button up. Most of the cardigans (especially
      tight ones) look better without button up, ESPECIALLY if you have big butt but small body like
      me...better dont do this cause your butt will look unbelievably big!

Dress full of stamp chops from Taman Megah Pasar Malam (RM20)
- If you have flabby big arms like mine, you can definitely match with anything with sleeves or like me..with a
  cardigan, just to cover up the arms. The length of the skirt are just nice to show off ur pretty legs abit as it
  already cover our inner tights, which mostly are the fattest parts of our legs. Anyway, any of you will look
  just nice with this dress, it brings out the curve of you :)

Shoes from Vincci (RM79.90) I used cash voucher so I think I only paid RM28 for that shoes, yippie~
- awww...isnt the shoes look so lovely? The design actually makes your legs looks longer because more
  'skin' are shown, so..visually its longer. No wonder people will said did I actually lose weight when I wear
  this outfit...hehe :p

That's all for today...I think I should share my mixie matchy tips on my casual outfits  instead of working outfits. Oh...maybe mixie matchy on dinner dress since I went to one last week and going to another one this week...we'll see

Till then my lovelies~~


Franch said...

cool, you're pretty effective in making use out of affordable clothing items. *thumbs up* =)

vOon said...

hehe..thank u thank u :p