Friday, September 02, 2011

He decided to leave

He decided to leave. A guy I love so much.

He is talented, good looking, main point is...he can sing so well...he's born with it. He's a very religious person too, even a kiss that was force to happened, make him felt that he's cheated to his girlfriend

Until now, I can not forget about him, thou was just yesterday.

I hope, there's one day I will see him again...I believe he'll shine!

Let me show you how talented he is!

Did some of you actually thought that I was saying about my ex lover or something? LOL...I HOPE SO lo! but too bad I am not that lucky..he is one of the guy that joined the GLEE Project. He's Cameron Mitchell.

He decided to leave the competition ahhh :( sadnyaaa..even Ryan Murphy the producer and casting director of the show love him... seriously I hope to see him on tv SOON!!

Last song he performed in Glee Project

Ok...enough of being a crazy fan liao..good night and sweet dream~ *going to sleep with his songs playing*


Henry Tan said...

lol. for a sec i really tot you were talking about ur ex. haha. but just for a sec. =p

vOon said...

cause Im good enough to tell the truth at the next sec ma..hehehe :p

SunScreen said...

It was sad to watch him go.. The judge gave him a 2nd chance but was turned down flatly..

His redition of Blackbird was one of the better covers out there. I'm surprised he knew this song. it was way past his age : )

vOon said...

Sun Screen - at last! I thought out of so many people only I watch Glee Project..hehe..
yes...its really sad to watch him go..hopefully the director will ask him back to take part in Glee.

SunScreen said...

Haha.. Glee Projects.

I chanced upon that episode while waiting for Masterchef US S2, having my brunch and reading the papers..

I seriously have no idea who will clinch the coverted prize of getting into glee.. I feel the rest simply lack character and style to offer to the present cast.

Give him a couple of years.. and he will regret that decision.

vOon said...

really ah..but I think the other way. I've been following that for quite some time d, he's a very religious person, so I guess he wont be regret la by leaving, cause now he's already sort of like..famous..haha..hope he can be more famous lo :p *his crazy fan talking again* hehe

SunScreen said...

Haha.. Do me a favour. Stalk him for the next 2 years.. and let me know if he has changed..

By the way, can I have your email? Couldn't bring myself to end this chat here..

vOon said...

wow..please remind me on that then..haha
u can add me at Amelie Voon II on facebook :)