Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Me

I think this is sort of like the first blue shirt that I actually love it and wear it...before I really start to go for something other than black and white, or grey..I think blue is another good choice but I never thought I can match with it. So, always try everything on, dont think..TRY.

So since after this shirt, I actually started to bought alot of clothings in blue. This is one of my casual but not too casual outfit : D I usually will wear this when I'm so lazy to wear heels but yet I dont wanna look to 'leh feh' with just a t-shirt and a short pants which look like I'm just out for a meal at mamak : D

Top (from Sg.Wang) RM25
Anyone can wear this!! long you are not someone that love to wear tight clothing, this is definitely nice to wear and easy to match, and it covers all our flaws, flabby arms, big stomach, small boobies~ haha...

Shorts (Cotton On) AUD?? forgot how much and they are not selling anymore :(
This is my favorite shorts all time! The design its simple, or should I say there's no design but the cutting its damn nice for me this kind of big butt gal as it is not as soft which will follow your body shape.

Belt (Brands Outlet) RM19
This is one slim belt I decided to buy as most of the wide belt actually are very tight, sometimes its very tiring to wrap yourself for the whole day. Try something loose, wearing a slim belt like this can still show your curve :)

That's all for now..hope you enjoy :) tata~

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