Monday, October 03, 2011

One Big Day *two*

Here's the part 2! getting ready for my bff's wedding dinner

We reached the wedding dinner around 7.30, which located at Bandar Manjalara -  新翠华楼
(Xin Chui Hua Lou)The place damn nice lor! Feel so spacious leh…got 4 floors and that day the whole buildings were fully booked. Mean 4 pairs of couples is getting marry on the same day, at the same time.Just tat building, imagine the whole Malaysia also enough liao -.-

Anyway, as usual we didn’t get to spend too much time with the bride and groom as they were damn busy, and as usual, wedding dinner never start on time, around 8.30 we only get to makan. So AS USUAL, cam-whore it’s the best thing to do, time past faster seriously :p

So free until can do stupid faces :p cam-whore gao gao..hahaha

Oh, this is my dress I wore that day, as she request us to wear either pink, purple or red..I think 
this is  the 1st time I wear purple, not so bad thou :p

Dress (Rm79.90) from a shop near snowflakes at KD

I think this dress will looks better if the skirt length is shorter or maybe I'm too short -.- . Didn't notice the length is so long until I wore it. Kinda loose and big which make my butt looks bigger :( but the top part its really nice...over all its simple n nice that is why I chose it at the first place..haha
Hairband borrowed from Emeryn as I only have 1 hairband at home -.-
Handbag - this classic black bag was from my mom's friend. Yes, its been a while that its why it looks so vintage and nice :D

Makan time! 

Oh..they even have magic show…first time I saw in a wedding 
dinner~ Wedding dinner ended around 10something.

Awww…time really past so fast, its been 11 years, this is one of the big day that we wish each other will be 
there and, and I did. I believe she will too when it’s my turn (not so 
soon of course).

Well, another friend is getting marry soon…that wan know her even longer…16 years…we’ll see…now I waiting for them to give birth so I can be ‘kai ma’!!

Congratz too for all the newlyweds~ wish you all 白头偕老~  *love love*

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