Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Smells like Vanilla

After some lovey dovey posts, its time to get back to fashion!
Guess Im still in the lovey dovey mood :p What I'm going to share is something soft and vanilla. Lol...I dont know why I will have such description on my the outfit this time, maybe that's this outfit really suites the scent of vanilla...

Polka Dots Top (RM39.90) Brands Outlet
It's the love at first sight. I straight fall in love with it when I saw it, but I didnt buy it at the 1st time. As I always buy stuff online, RM39.90 its kinda pricey for me to get a thin cardigan like this. but I CANT CARE ANYMORE. I cant stop thinking about this top since the day I left T.T So I bought it when the 3rd time I went there..3RD ok..not 2nd :p
Enough of the love at first sight story of me and the polka dots top. Tips for you is, IF you really planning to buy this top you NEED to try it. Cause the arms part is quite tight but not on your body. So its depends which you prefer, I prefer not so tight on the arms and abit loose on my body since I gonna tuck in anyway. But you definitely need to wear something inside like a singlet or something.

Beige skirt (RM70 for 2= RM35) brands outlet
Well, this is not really love at first sight but 2nd sight :p But I decided to buy it by not considerate it so much, cause its something you can match with everything...seriously. But again, I find this skirt kinda short, you might have to think twice if you are planning to wear this to work. Next time I'll try this wearing stockings or socks next time, at least not so 'revealing' :p

I suddenly thought of something. All these while Im just sharing tips on my style, but I bet some of you might not have the same style as me but you would like to ask people for suggestions or opinions on your style. WELL...SHARING IS CARING. If you dont mind, you can drop me a comment or something, I would love to share my thoughts with you and I would like to hear your thoughts too! GALS LOVE THAT! dont you? Dont malu-malu ok : D you are always welcome..even guys too~~till then~

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Rungitom said...

You are one of the most beautiful girl I ever see, ;)