Monday, October 17, 2011

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

One of my dreams has come true!! Which is to watch an orchestra!

Classical music definitely part of my life and of course orchestra conerts its definitely thing for us as people who learn piano to visit, at least once!

But for so many years, I didnt have the chance to go, cause its quite hard to get someone to accompany me

At last!!! I've got the chance and it was from my sista :D I mean not bestie tat kind of sis, as in real sis..LOL...since she is 7 yrs older than me, its quite hard to find the commom interest for us, and since we learned piano from the same teachers, music is the only thing that bond us.

Here's the tickets, its the first show and its from one of the pianist - Foo Mei Yi!!! how good is sis rocks!!

I feel like mosaic the date cause it was like one month ago..pai seh -.-

so excited being here for the first time

everyone with their formal respect the pianists..and music :)

and here's my sis~

I know I know, we dont look alike at all rite...hahaha

outfit of the day~ maybe some of you remember when I wore this dress :p

Too bad we cant take pictures inside the hall, if not you might can feel how I felt when I was in there.

I was very impressed with Foo Mei Yi's performace. She played it with full of emotion, seriously at that moment, I have goose bumps, I can imagine, I can feel the comma, the pause and full stop, I feel touched.
Tengku Ahmad Irfan was damn geng also, he performed quite a fast tempo piece and he can played it damn well, guess it will be a very bright future for him.
Bobby Chen not bad of course, but compare with Foo Mei Yi, I think he somehow lack of emotion, which my sis felt the same way too. BUT, of course we are no one to judge them, just sharing :)

Till then~stay tune on my next post yo~ *thinking what should I post next*


Henry Tan said...

seems nice! the place looks very grand too!

vOon said...

yeap~~ if u r interested some of the tickets are quite reasonable...can get it less than RM100