Sunday, October 09, 2011


Gosh...browse thru my folders in my laptop and I found out that I missed out this important shooting - Uniqlo!!! oopssy~

around 7am we have to reach the venue to do our make up and hair d

since that take quite some time, we were seperate to 2 groups on that day to do the shooting

my hair was still so long that time~

a very cool looking gal but she's a very nice person!! (March) scarf and the dress is from Uniqlo...matched me so much but I dont know why people categorize me as 'the gal next door''m not that nice thou...hahahah XD

a group photo before we continue our 'journey'

we take turn to shoot based on the location and our outfit

I like her outfit !!! esp her shoes~

the photographer

some crews~

damn stylo rite~ of coz..cause he's the stylist for this shooting

we walked around the KL...seriously its very tiring, imagine with our heels!!!

tired face -.-

still we very pro to put a smile on our face during the photoshoot~

then we get to have our 'breakfast' !! yay~

last but not least, to take a photo with the designer!

after few hours of shooting...its lunch time yo~~

another bunch of new friends!!! hope there's moreeee annndd mooreee shootinggssss comiinggg~~~

Oh..u can see my profile and photos here in the uniqlo website : D see u guys soon!


Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, model for uniqlo! I love their comfy jeans and polo tee :D

vOon said...

thanks! fren give me the chance la :D
their jeans comfy ah? coz I always wanna wear jeans but my skin so sensitive like the skin cant breath when I wear jeans :(