Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Big Day

Like I said~ another wedding is coming...

which is....................



Im just joking la...hehehe..but I am serious about why people said I look 'han ga' (desperate to get married) in this pic..can anyone tell me why cause I am not lo..hahaha

Anyway...its ROM of another of my bestie!!

Let me recall, how long I’ve known this bestie…from 9 years old…16 years OMG! And at last she’s settling down..LOL~

Sounds macam very big right, but this is just ROM la..hehe…cant wait to attend her wedding dinner, but guess it won’t be anytime soon yet…let’s wait for it!

group photo~

pray pray

listening to the blessings

and we are focusing too..until too focus Emeryn got her noob face and the topic its still hot in fb..hahaha

gao dim! everything macam so easy only...

behind the scene~

this is the photographer that help me took the nice nice pic~

then we went to One Utama's Dave's for lunch

at first starting with 2 cam-whorers~

then yen teng join us

trying to act cute~

and even act facing the mirror -.-

then at last Yen beh tahan..she also wanna join us~

LOL! Love this pic so much~

then I continue playing with her ipad~ teehee

After lunch I straight got another event need to attend!! damnnn paccck!!!! stay tune for it cause more leng luis coming~


bendan said...

Wow~ you looks pretty, girl. =]

Btw,a lot of friend of mine getting marry too. Haha~ somehow will feels envy. XP

Henry Tan said...

lol. because u were holding that flower and looking into it as if u could see who's the right one. lol
and remember those that compete to get the flower that thrown by the bride? the one u holding looks like it. LOL

vOon said...

bendan(dun feel like calling u this name eh, like scolding ppl)..anyway..thanks!! need feel envy day u will be the prettiest bride too :D

Henry - lol!! means Im really a good actress with the good acting skill..hahah..I remember I saw my frens throw the flower once only..tat time no one wanna take somemore.haha..then nowadays no more la..if got definitely I wont go take lo..hahaha..everyone taking the flowers to take pics anyway..u know la..gals..haha

Thristhan said...

OMG, I seriously thought you're getting married :)

vOon said...

Thristan - LOL...yay~gotcha :p hehehe...