Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The secret of being younger

Do you remember how do you look 3 years ago?

Do you look younger now? Or older? Or still the same?

Lol, ok I think I’m working too hard on my work so I still cant stop writing sounds like commercial. This definitely not a commercial thou, its just a very random post.

But seriously, do you remember how you look like 3 years ago? 3 years…hm…well..doesnt’s sounds like too long ago, but doesn’t sounds like too near to date too…

Exact the same date, 3 years ago…I still have my long hair…LONG LONG hair…for the last time in this 3 years…

and I start wondering, it’s just me or what? Definitely not trying to praise myself or something, but…I seems to look younger!!

Trying to get the same angle and pose to match the picture above.

Finally! I think I know my answer of looking younger

Few possibilities
1.       Make up – I guess this definitely one of the most possible’s possibility. LOL…I did make up in that 1st picture,And the style of my make up it’s still the same some more. Guess the lens and the lashes help a lot. (* you can read some of my make up tips here )  

2.       Act cute – I know its kinda disgusting to act cute at this age, but sometimes things just come naturally…(don’t whack me XD) Actually what I trying to mean is, think young, behave like a youngster (if you are quite old d la) REMEMBER, its young not childish ok…its totally different thing.

3.       Just brain wash yourself as you are still young! Dress like one.
Of course not too much different like you are 30, and you dress like 20. I guess few years different should be ok. Like the style I used to have few years ago, its still very similar to what I am wearing now. Another good thing is I am just a short girl, tiny girl always look younger kan? :D

4.       Be friend with them, but don’t force yourself.
When you’re getting older, you tend to be more mature. Try to hang around with younger people, catch up wit the trend or maybe at least have a FB acc…just to get the updates from your friends since everyone is using it now. Fortunately I have the chance to mix around with young people which is only 19-23!! Seriously I feel so much younger while I’m with them, but please don’t act ya, and don’t force yourself. Maybe you can mix with elder people so you look younger..LOL

I might not convince you by the way I look, and you may not think it make sense from what I had said just now. Well, like I always said I’m just sharing

You don’t need to take it seriously of all I said. Hahaha…I mean I’m just sharing la, not trying to force people to follow what I said, at the end of the day, you are the one who choose the way to walk your life.

So, let’s just wish everyone look young forever : D


Kian Fai said...

hmmm you looks more sun shine compare with last time? :X

vOon said...

LOL...really ah...haha...Its all becoz of the make up ba :p haha

wintergurl said...

u looks more young and cute with short hair :)

vOon said...

wintergurl - haha..maybe short hair make ppl look younger gua :p thx ya