Monday, October 24, 2011

SHILLS Meet Beauty Bloggers Event + Tea Time at Sakae Sushi

I’ve been waited and looking forward to this event for so long!! Finally it’s here!!

Yup :D nothing other than SHILLS event. Guess for some readers, SHILLS it’s not something new here. From girl search, gatherings and events…I’m always looking forwards to meet up the girls although we still keep contact, but everyone its always busy with own stuff and it is so hard to get the right time for us to meet up.

So ya...its "SHILLS MEET BEAUTY BLOGGER EVENT". Really so excited to be there but its really a busy and bad day for me :(. I am so so late to the event with Mindy (another Shills girl). As some of you might know, I've attended one of my BFF's wedding early that day, lunch with her and friends then I gotta rush to the event, guess what...we were stucked in the traffic jam for more than 2 HOURS! First time in my life, I sat in the car, seeing the traffic light turned green for freaking 6 times!! Bu I am still at the same spot!!! times square building its just so near to us~~~

When Mindy and I reached there, we've already missed out the introduction and ice breaking games :( BUT something very happy for us is we finally meet up with WEI WEI. She's one of the hardest girl that can gather with us cause she join so many competitions, its just so hard for her to give us some time :p LOL

Taking pictures together especially outside the Shills shop at Times Square brings back lotsa memories of our fun time during the competition :D

took alot of pictures cause the lighting in the shop its damn naaiiiccee!!

So pai seh to take pictures with siu mui mui...wish to turn back time!!! oh...Shills products helps!!

Anyway...although I missed out the introduction and ice breaking games, but luckily I manage to join the product demonstration. GOSH…these few products are amazing can!!! Let me introduce to you few of my favorite and I bet this will be everyones’ favorite too :D

Ta daaaa~~~
Shills 3M Bubble Body Scrub

I’ve been waiting this kind of product for so long already! Cause its so easy to use especially for a lazy person like me, you just spray on knees, elbows or other rough or black body skin, cause this can gently dissolve the dead skin, even armpit :D After that your skin will look brighter and as soft as baby skin :D

Another prouct I love is this
SHILLS -5'C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray 

It helps hydrate the dry skin and improve moisture balance with the content which are full of minerals. Of course you can use it whenever you feel hot, and GUESS WHAT?! You can even spray this before you make up so the makeup can stay perfect for whole day

How good if I can speak so well in public like how I write in my blog L I know its different thing la, but there’s just got people that can speak fluently and look confidence too in public! Why did I said so? Because Joycelyn (Shills’s staff) arranged me to share my experience on some certain products. Of course I don’t mind cause I love to share whatever I know and I can to everyone, but to share as Shills’ Miss Sunny Confident its abit weird for me la..hahaha…cause I don’t look confident at all but kena call out as Miss Sunny Confident..damn pai seh -.-

Ohya, the sharing was in Sakae Sushi...yea~~ Shills blogger event and Sakae Sushi are so nice, willing to sponsor us to tea time at Sakae Sushi..and freebies worth more than RM500!!

I've started using some of the products d, definitely will blog about the products in details one by one in the future :D so stay tune yea~

Yup..we are at Sakae Sushi some of you know there's only few outlet of Sakae Sushi its using IPad..

I guess most of you already know how to use IPad right? even if you dont know, no worries...its almost the same thing, the different its just using the mouse and using your fingers :p hehe

damn cute can!! this animation appeared when you confirmed your ordered! it caught all the girls attention~

Food served that day

tea time also got rice to eat so nice!

group picture with some other bloggers :) they are so nice and friendly..not forget to mention the Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi damn nice also ok...we 'mm sik yea' ask her to take photo for us, she does not hesitate at all and helped us take few pictures with different cameras somemore *thumbs up*

oh...He is very friendly too :D

one of the very nice n kind staff that help us take many pictures

Jasmine~ the girl next door~

and of course, a group picture : D

Jasmine took this picture while I was on the phone~lol..and its the last picture for that day too ~

mean its time to say Goodbye~~

Awwww~~ really miss those time! Ijust love to attend beauty, fashion or makan event like this!! Hope there's more to come!! till then ~~


Isaac Tan said...

wow, looks like a really nice event, nice pictures too! :)

ps. thx for dropping by my blog XD The toy poodle is around 2 years plus i think. Im not sure though, bad memory. Lol!

toninkush said...

Wow, all of you look soooo pretty! Makin' me feel like being single again hahaha

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vOon said...

Isaac - my poodle almost 6 yrs with me d :) maybe can make fren with ur poodle ya :p hehe

Toninkush - LOL...thanks! I always have tat kind of feeling :p ahahahahah

FiSh said...

i was there too :) hope to see you again next time!

Mr Lonely said...

was here~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..