Tuesday, August 05, 2008

boh liao (no more)

ooooooooooo....after like...2 weeks...at last..my sis gao dim the prob d with the husband, so bring the baby boy together back to her lovely house...but I sadnya...no more baby to play d..hahaha

well...not play only la..its quite hard to switch back the lifestyle although only like 2 weeks...but every nite...I am waiting to see the baby..wait for him to come back from his another grandma's house..or after I back from outside will go his room and peek him for awhile..but midnite sure got chance to take care of him a while cause of hungry or cant sleep...so my sis will wan me 2 take care so that she can sleep...the feeling of waiting to see him is really like...how 2 explain ah..if those pet lovers rite, u sure know the feeling when u got back home...is like u r waiting to see ur love one, n u know it is waiting to see u (ok la, the baby still dunno how to wait to see me ok...haha)...so if my dog is not here...I also feel very weird wan...

although having some hard times...n really damn tired taking care of the baby...cause I never take care of baby before ma...BUT I REALLY LOVE IT N ENJOY IT...haha...I knew it la..coz very long ago, I knew I love babies n wont scared of taking care of babies no matter how hard, coz I even like to hear when babies cry..I mean like..some people will get mad or dont like la, but I just love it..wuahahah..ok..I know I'm weird..anyway...

good also la, sooner or later she also gotta go back to her 'house' la, tat's her house wat, n when she go back, means their prob solve d, which is a good thing. Now see loh, maybe some years later, then I can take care of my own baby...wuahaha...BUT HOR...people who love babies la, if u love to have some honeymoon years with ur dear rite...better honeymoon for few years first...cause once u have baby...u wont have much chance to lovely lovely with ur dear d...now I'm not the mom also kena panggil here panggil there ok!! hahaha

good luck to all the mom that love babies but yet love to be lovely lovely with the dear :p

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