Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh My Beijing!! Olympic

instead of oh my God I change it to Oh My la..I mean...really really really 'pui fuk' of the opening

I remember there is once of the new year eve, I happened to be in KL tower to celebrate, so I saw the fireworks just infront of me...and dunno why my tears just drop out like that...a weird feeling

same to this time...most of the time while watching the ceremony...I got goosebumps wan loh, n the eyes is abit wet wet like that..hahaha..OK! I know la sounds weird n stupid really really very hard to choose which section is the best or my favorite...cause is really out of my expectation..I mean...those technology been used was so...WOW..OMG!! hahaha...but still my favorite would be those sections whenever they used lots n lotssssssss of people to perform. especially like the part where the pianist playin the piano, the performers have lights on their costume wan...its really really very nice loh...especially watch on tv coz u can see all the angles ma..also the fireworks part..OMB! is all over Beijing loh!!! okok...too excited d...

maybe la, can say that I didnt watch the previous olympics before, so feel excited n 'gan jiong' for this time. so envy of my sis la, she is there in Bejing to watch the opening ceremony loh!!!!!

so to make myself feel better...actually at home is the best seat XD

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