Monday, August 11, 2008

I hope I am adopted

seriously...with the title..I got that thought since I was young. I mean hope...coz at least I got an excuse for myself why izit so. I know some people will say...u r good enuff cause some wont even have parents...bla bla bla...but pls..enuff of tat...stop comparing ppl that is not in the same categories...there r of coz ppl tat is worst than us, but there r oso people tat is better than us, n yet, there are ppl that is same as us. so shut the watever reason of worst or better ppl up, I just taking the same or slightly worst people to compare.

Well...I dont take other ppl to compare, I just take the same category first, which are my siblings, from the same parents, can compare right. What is my main topic today,hm...ok..recent wan, my graduation.

I wondering, where should I start from, since everything I doing is related to the reasons. Breaking promise. Why do I hate people break promise so much, is because since I was young, none of the promises made by my parents are done. My promises are not the big one, is just promises of bringing me to shoppping, I mean as is just go out and have a walk, not buy stuff tat kind (I was just 7 if I am not mistaken). shud say since 7 which I started to know more things. So why is it this time again, promised that will go for my degree's graduation, so my diploma graduation will be a waste of money for them if they attend, but why they can attend my younger brother diploma graduation, as if the price r cheaper, as if they wont attend his degree's graduation. I'm fine if they want to attend both of them, since I know I am not being treated like a 'real' daughter.

I know, they can send me overseas to get my degree, mean they really love me. Ya, but it happened after alots of rejection. Oh...y cant u just study here (which I already told that there's no tuning program here). u seriously wan to go...sure anot...bla bla like..really plan 2 study oso dont feel like study d...I very lazy to explain d.

then..wat's next...oh..cancellation
me: so how ah, confirm anot wan.
dad: ok la. just book la.
me: u sure?? we gonna take XX flight to XX, then change to XX.bla bla bla
dad: if is cheap then is ok la
me: so this price ok anot (pointing the price)
dad: ok la.
-end of conversation-

me: how much is ur budget?
dad: u just show me the room n the price loh.
me: but at least how much?
dad: anything la.just show me 1st
me: u ok anot if share bathroom
dad: dont want la
me: ok
show the price
dad: ok loh. but last time at perth of ur bro's graduation so cheap this got tat bla bla bla.
me: perth is perth, melb is melb ma. KL n penang oso not same la. plus tat is like more than 5 yrs ago
dad: (silent)
-end of conversation-

how many kind of conversations more? I really cant count. I really lazy of searching all those hotels, routes, watsoever. Cause...if u no heart wanna go..I show wat u oso lazy 2 see...

I have no mood to write d...cry till tired d.

n fucking kena scared by a fucking asshole bastard at this month. go eat shit la u asshole. it is not funny at all.

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