Thursday, August 28, 2008


omg omg omg...ok..enuff..but seriously...I LOVE WALL-E..there's alot of parts that I love bout this movie

Firstly, is the animation characters for sure d..sooooo cute lohhh...especially when they talk...wall-e n eve...n i m addicted of following the way they said it..hah

Seconly...I'm so impressend by the way they have the story that in..the half front of the movie, there's no dialogues, is only wall-e calling eve or eve calling wall-e, yea..there are...just few loh...but the messages that the movie trying to pass to us is really very obvious, n is very effective. When I saw the first scene, omgg...seriously I dont want the earth become like tat next time loh.

Then what, the whole movie, kinda funny cause the robots (wall-e n eve) more emotions than us, n feelings. It's kinda ironic when we need the robots (which have no life) to remind, or we can say warn us, in this movie. The robots to touch us and pass the message. Ok la, I know its human who made this movie, but why they want to use robots instead of humans leh...we shud think the reasons why loh.

But 1 weakness I think about this movie is that the animation is too cute, mostly only targeted the female. I remember I watch the previous movie, wall-e trailer came out, I said:' cute..I wanna watch this!!' Then I heard other ppl said as well..which is far I didnt heard any males saying that they wanna it only can rely on the females to bring thier bf or whoever get notice of this movie.

Ohyea, if ppl that easily me hor...haha...better prepare..coz I did cried..esp almost the end part..tat part how to tahan oso cant tahan...wwoozz :p
n hor...1st time I think cockroach its kinda cute..but yesterday I was irritated by 1..stupid REAL cockroach!!

But overall, It is a nice movie cause I love the way they pass us the message. So I hope u guys can watch and get the message and do something.

PS. So we must really seriously protect the earth loh, I know I very 'lou tou' But pls...recycle n go green...n dun use plastic bags...go supermarket, its better to use those recycle alot of places also selling, n some even its free when u bought something. If u dun wan, then try to take less plastic go 7-11 rite or buy those small things that u can put in bag or take by hand, dun take the plastic bags :)

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