Sunday, August 24, 2008

my younger brother's graduation

well well...I only slept for like less than 4 hours...just because to attend this sai lou punya graduation loh (which is on 23rd)...start at 9.30 so early..then we gotta be there before 9...I think last time mine is like...later than this...then sure got place to sit..haha...okok..dun wan compare...

not enuff sleep means not enuff sleep, got make up oso can see..haha

 boring la...haha...cause..maybe I not enuff sleep gua..while stand to wait them walk in(which take around like 15-20 minutes?)...then sing national anthem...when I standing I feel so floating or can faint anytime OMG!!..haha...then when can sit down, the aunty beside me oso said back-ache d...

too boring...hahaha

when they enter

all got giraffe neck d to look for their kids

but how come the kids doesnt look back n look for their parents geh when they sat down

the 'zhu gok' of the day n his friends...

I'm the camera gal for the day...since I'm not the 'zu gok' oso..haha..takpe la

so only took few pics :p

'last pic' of the day (for my camera only) coz i gotta ciao he took alot of pics after that

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