Saturday, August 16, 2008

Avril Lavinge makeover + fireworks

today me n my frens (yann n pretty) going to join the Avril Lavinge mms contest to win get the concert tickets, so we have to dress or make up like her, which is the requirement of the contest. So...u guys know la...when gals get together rite...especially take pics...hahahaha...we r so crazy bout it...we didnt waste much time on make up coz we only draw the black eye shadow, abit of the foundation powder n lipgloss...which only take like less than 15 minutes per person.

But I think we took pics took hours? hahaha...cause we all still pai seh..esp yann la....hai...anyway..the result end up quite good...although the pic is not as nice as using a pro cam la...but its a fun day

yann's before

yann's after

me before

me after

forgot to take her's before

more picssss

Yann dont like to take alone, so gotta take some 'normal' pose pics 1st..haha

I like this very emo...okok...I mmg one...haha

act sial? lol XD

omggg...I love this pic so much lohhh

we are posing the same pose

ok...acting cute pics d..haha

just finish dinner near kota damansara

we look so chan...coz no make up...haha..esp me enuff sleep for few days d :( last I saw some pics I look like an 22yrs old punya adult..hahah

I really dun wan to take pics with her d loh..make me look so fat only coz she is too skinny..:p

some fireworks pics..okok..I know is not clear n nice..pai seh coz I stand quite far away..but just wanna share with u guys :)

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