Monday, August 18, 2008

my explanation on my 'jobs'

well...I owe some of my frens of this in...what's the progress of my way of searching jobs...n bla bla bla

Firstly, I know different people will find their job differently, as in duration and the way of finding for me..I prefer to find a job that I think I really like it, cause I know that I will work at the certain place for a long time eventhou it will be a hard one. preference job is to be a scriptwriter, or editor. I would love to work as a columnist or watever jobs that is related to writing, but so far I dont really have much knowledge on it other than have tons of ideas to write (because I love to learn, think and my imagination are toooooo 'good')coz I study things that are behind the scenes wan ma, like the knowledge of sitcom, film, digital video cam and so in...shooting la.

Then so far, I have jobs in progress..I mean to send resume.

1. I got my bf's aunty's fren working in TV3, so she help me send in my resume d, no
news yet (for almost 1 month d I guess)

2. My brother get to know a director, I called him once and briefly introduce myself. Guess he is too busy (which is a good thing, takkan you want to know a
director which is very free, that mai mean he have nothing to direct loh), so he
asked me to sms him my num (cause I used house phone to called) My bro always compliment bout him, which I can feel it also when I talked with him althought only for a short in..he is not those lc 'dai pai' type wan la...cause my bro always said that he love to teach the freshy, give chance to them etc..which I will be 14 days d, he still havent call me back...but like I said loh, he must be very busy, in our industry wan sure know wat, even a normal director oso bz d loh, then this few weeks my bro also so bz d, they shooting together wan, sure bz la (sounds like excuses eh..hahaha) but seriously loh, he is the director for lots of astro know I know la...hahaha. Ohya, I didnt wanted to call him back so soon cause I scared I will 'farn' him la, people who know me sure understand why I do so. so...yea

3. Cause my bro is working in Mccann Erickson, n cause he is a nice person (hahaha) so his frens also alot n they willing to help him. So my good bro help me to ask around,there is this post-production house also willing to help (of course also wanna see see the resume first la), but wont be a big prob to get the job and they willing to teach u the editing stuff ( after effects those, which I didnt learn wan). So I thought wait see I can get the job of any(hopefully scripwriter la) from the director, if cant at all then send this. But few days ago I asked my bro bout it, he asked me to wait, n better call this director again (which I will), cause he think that he is really a nice person and for sure I can learn alot of things from him. so...this resume is pending on my side.

Anyway, tomorrow la, I will call the director d, so hopefully everything will be ok. Cause got people nag, very 'farn', hahahaha.

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