Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinky Blue

Ooooo~~~ its been awhile I didnt blog about my mixie matchy style...so here we go~

Wow for this time! Im not going for black, white or grey but PINK! pink is not my favorite color but I love this dress. I still remember I bought this in Sunway Pyramid before CNY, with the shoes as well.

Dress - Sunway Pyramid (one of those small boutique bust cost RM79.90 -.-)
Shoes - shoez obsession (there are some shoes that some of you might though quite lala but this pair of 
             shoes actually get alot of admiration..hehe..I love this peter pan-like shoes RM69.90)
            * wear till rosak liao, so gonna buy the same shoes SOON!
Belt   - Hong Kong

Tips - good thing about this dress is...everyone look nice in this...seriously...it just fit everyone

I think was on Tuesday...I know..the combination look almost the same like my previous post here right

Im just lazy to think on Tuesday you know..hehe
So I just grab a white tee, which just will never go wrong with anything

White-T - Sg.Wang T-hop 6th floor one of the boutique, bought it with another pair of pants and whole set
                only cost me RM35
Black sandals - Vincci

1. Like I said the skirt its good to cover the big butt for the big butt girls like me :)
2. Blue shoes for work, black sandals for lepak...or even beach :D
3. Please take note on the white-T, and the picture on the far right with my arm. If you are very
    conscious and hate your flabby fat arms like me, try not to get this kind shirt with the sleeve length like
    this, it will make your arms looks bigger.

and that's it for this 2 outfits! HOLIDAY MOOD ON! wonder if I will hang out cause I guess I will just stay at home. Else I'll definitely write some new fashion posts on my outfits for this few days :)

Selamat Hari Raya and happy holiday to all of you : D


Phoebe Tay said...

Looking good babe (:

Francis Agan said...

Can I ask a fansign from you :)
I'm your number one follower here in the Philippines :)

darranlow said...

I like your blue skirt!!!!

Shuwen said...

I like the black sandals with the studs !! :) so prettay :D

vOon said...

Phoeby - thanks :p

Francis Agan - hahaha..over la u :p

darranlow - wow..I would like to hear the point of view from you for liking the skirt, cause I love tat skirt too ~~

Shuwen - yea..love at first sight for me on tat shoes, wore it to so many places d..nice to wear~

FrancisAgan said...

Yes I'm serious :)

Phoebe Tay said...

you're welcome :)