Saturday, May 31, 2008

2007 Chinese New Year in Melbourne last!! after like half month. wat to do...the connection is so damn slow, thought before when the connection is slow, I just post some articles I wrote that no need pics wan, mana tau the connection slow until cant load the page. then just now countdown, fast fast reach 12am then is 1st of June! connection become fast agian coz the beginning of the month, but...sai hei (waste energy) only...still so slow loh...but dunno why I can get to 'come in' here and post..maybe God also think I kinda lazy so should post d..wuahaha..but aiyo..Dia yg main saya ok...throw so many probs to me that I can even write novel with the title of having a bad day..not 'a' day bad almost every day also so bad and 1 day can happened so many things..walao...can die..really...

hm...was thinking what should I post today...some things with my Melb journey or articles??but because wat I typed earlier in this post kinda 'catchy' I dont want to post something that I think should deserve a post with only it's own content..then at this moment I still checking hows the connection goes...but cant figure it out..cause when surf some website damn slow..but my blog n some ppl blog ok woh...anyway...

at last...haha..I decided to post some pictures up...suppose to be the post before my birthday wan, cause what I want to post now is during chinese new year 2007 which is around 17-19 Feb I think...
yea...actually nth much la..what kind of celebration u expect woh in a western country...I mean got SOME places got events loh..which one of it was Boxhill...AT LEAST, I can get the CNY feel from there...

Then the next day we go over Alvin's place for lunch, so ngam me and Di wearing stripes with red n white..wuahaha..we didnt pakat wan ok...anyway...tat day was soooooo hot (cause summer ma)then the house, no fan buka the glass door..still..feeling the heat only..then finish our lunch we sat so much more cooler actually...haha..

so after that...balik rumah I said d wat..very sien wan..cant go others house bai nin get ang pao..:p

~ act like nothing~

~but actually very hot, I think can see from the
face loh~

~well, when human cant tahan something then
will go we gone crazy cause too
~If you notice, that cloud was a love shape, but
when we wanna take pic with it that time the
shape run d~

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