Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can you hear me?

Was wondering should I just post under that letter or I should make another new post. Guess I should make another new post just to translate, cause I dont want any other stuff that stuff in there.

Here's go the translation for the letter to my grandma

What I've said to you just now, have you heard that?

I cant think of what specific ways to tell you what I want to tell you, so I will try every way, talking to you, writing to you on my book, blog to you...everything. I know you cant read, but I just hope you can get my message.

Sometime ago, I saw a picture on the net. Is a picture of a girl around my age, and her grandma. I have 2 feelings at that time, envy and regret.

I was thinking, while you're still alive, we dont have camera at that time? I dont really think so. Then why I dont have a picture with you? Yes I did, but that was so many years ago. The latest one was a family picture, and I guess it was being keep in somewhere else.

I hate myself, why a person like me that love to take pictures as memory will forget to take pictures with you as memory? Just like while you're still alive, I dont know how to 100% sayang you, take care of you, love you, respect you, appreciate you. Until you cant hold it anymore and leave us, I only get to know allthese. But also because of you, I become more appreciate, sayang, love, respect daddy and mummy.

I'm someone that is so emotional. I sure will cry everytime I think of you. How much I miss you have not change before, and never will change. But please dont be sad by my tears, because I will be more sad. Take it as tears of misses. I guess you miss me too, so you came to my dream again after some time. Although I am scared because I scared of spriritual stuff. But I was more sad this time, because in the dream you was still alive, which is so real. I cant differenciate the reality and the dream after I woke up.

This time being back to Australia to study again, I cant get to visit you like last time, hope you wont mind that I just wish you at home. Just want to tell you, a picture of us will always in my mind

P.S : We have a new family member. I guess you're very happy about it. He's name is Brandon.

Your grand-daughter

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DroopY said...

Honestly, i spent my childhood at my grandmas place, infact she loved me more than my mother because my mother sometimes said "no" to me but my grandma never said "no" and always "yes".My grandma always gave me what i wanted and she loved me the most out of all the people in the family. I used to sleep in her bed and she used to tell me stories. When i was small, she used to take me to the children park because my parents had to go to their office and most of the time i was with my grandma. When my mom and dad used to scold me n hit me , i used to go to my grandma and she used to protect me. She never scoled me , she never hit me.

However, now i have grown up, now i cannot go to my grandmas bed and sleep in her bed, i cannot ask her to tell me stories because she is also getting old now. She holds a very important place in my life too. I cannot describe what i feel for her, yet many times i have hurt her .I have been a "bad" person and i hurt her many times yet she never minds , she always loves me.
I will always love her .And your article just minded me of my grandma.

I want to call her - but i will not call her now, i will get a job first and then call her and say:
"Grandma, your grandsons got a .

Now coming to the author of the blog (i.e. Voon):
I have not met any girl like you, you look silent and calm, you don't talk. It is through your blogs that i get to know you, cos in real life you seem to be another person who is silent and doing nothing. But on the internet and blogs, you write what you feel, and sometimes i am surprised and shocked ... i cannot believe that it is the shy n lonely voon who writes like this cos u never talk and i appreciate ur writings and the translations too:).

Keep it up, Hope to read more from you.

PS: I know your thoughts and my thoughts are never the same but still keep it up. Atleast you are putting forward what you feel and not hiding it like many.This time i do feel the same about my grandma too.

Next time next article, maybe i will have different opinion :)