Tuesday, May 06, 2008

curse or fated?

wow...i think this is the first time that i will post in my blog just rite after the day i've blog...well..seems this is so gonna happen..hehehe

well..just back from shooting...soooo tired, and decided to blog rather than chatting in msn, and eating chips as my dinner coz the instant pasta was sucks, i cant get to cook at this time, it's too late..gotta sleep early tonite coz tml got morning class

is it a curse or wat now??? am i really being fated cant not get to blog every day?
i mean...i'm so gonna finish this post in 10 minits!! i wan to break this curse!

wat has happened just now? the electricity went off!! luckly this post saved it automatically (althought just now i thought it didnt so i spend like 5 minutes to write a new one T.T )
anyway..ya...the electicity went off! i was like...nooooo!!! i'm totally afraid of dark, i cant stand it and i ran out of my room, althought its dark but at least the moon light, and at least people around.
then one of my housemate ask us to join him to Mc.D, of cause i wanna joine rather to stay in the dark house. and yea..15 minutes before 12am of 6th May i get to come back, and finish my post for today! yayyyy!!

so...i think i break the curse d...hehehe...or actually i am fated to get to write my blog? hehe...well..tat's my philosophy anyway...everything can be equal...and yay!! i get to finish my post for 6th of May!! *applause*

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DroopY said...

Greetings Voon,
Congratulations on breakin ur curse.
But i think it is fate not curse, cos it just happens.
And nice to see ur blog get updated cos now i got something to write hahahahahaha.

How come electricity goes off here in melbourne. In my place here, there has been no power failure at all, not even for 1 second, i am surprised cos in my hometown electricity goes off very very often. Most of the times it is power off rather than power on.But in mlbourne i have never seen power failure in the place where i live. I? dont have torch light or candle or matchstick , i need to buy all now n be prepared.

Anyway, was supposed to do assignments but got lost in chatting for many hours..... am procastinating a lot nowadays. i have to change now.
So tomorrow when i wake up i have decided to UTILISE the DAY FOR MY BEST .... no more wasting time. So tomorrow i will be a changed man, and man of time, word, punctuality, who always does assignments on time.
Wait. ....ITS ALREADY 12:23AM ... so its tomorrow i mean , today has already begun. Now i will utilise my time in doing assignments before i sleep.

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