Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mummy day!

~a pic of me n my mom in the Mc.D in KLIA before I leaving to Melbourne. (gotta choose a nice pic when both of us look ok, cause my mummy will care like other gals do when she doesnt look good in pic, esp the one that is showing to public. hahaha. pretty enuff la aiyo, u're always pretty in my heart wan *cough cough*, hahaha XD ) ~

today it's mother's day...yea i know its kinda late i post it now cause 4 more hours will be 12th of May. But who cares, haha..I've already called my mummy to wish her around 12 Msia time. Our conversation seems kinda funny

me: happy mother's day!
mummy: thank u
me: u know who i am anot
mummy: aiyo...of course know la, u are my daughter what, n i saw the number on the phone ma
me: who knows you oh, you got 2 sons n 2 daughters. plus u didnt get to recgonize me also when
last week I called u to wish u happy birthday...

n the conversations goes on for 4 minutes...haha my mom got a DKNY purse n a Guess watch. She's such a happiness housewife la, everytimes her birthday or any of her celebration for will always get branded stuff (well i guess is birthday presents only la cause we always mix both celebration and give her 1 present, haha) how come I dont have :( i dont need branded one but I want a purse :( haahaha...
oh...then she dont really need to cook all the time cause my dad will be the one who cook, houseworks all do together...then she can play her mahjong or poker while we doing works...bla bla bla (her happiness goes on and on...hahaha) then now all the children also grow old enough to menyara her d, haha. But yea her hard times which is taking care of us is almost over, now is our turn d stupid younger bro, said d I will share the present with him then he only said my dad sharing the present with him...wth I only can tell my mummy that when I go back only can get her something loh, but cant be branded one like DKNY la, I cant afford yet :( hahaha

anyway...happy mother's day to all the mamasss!! love u mummy! muackzz

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