Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 21st birthday in Melb...later

hm...let's see...I think for this time I will introduce some of my closer friends that I met here in Melb which we stay together and stay near..haha

Firstly is Diyana, the gal used to stayed just the room beside me. But now she had moved to stay with her best friends n the fren's aunt (mid of 2007). oh no...there's alot of pics of me and her cause we quite often hang out n take pics for each other, n also with each other, will show it next time. haha.

Then is Syahid. aiya...no need explain much la...hahaha...nah...he's one of my classmate when we were studying in LUCT. So kinda close in some way, but not close in some other way. But for sure is not close compare with his frens.

Steven oh Steven. One of my luct fren also but only get to know allthese here. What a small world is, Alvin (which another guy I going to introduce as well) at first know Syahid first (they stayed in the same temp accomandation), then get to know me. Mana tau Steven's was his housemate...hahaha...ok..done with introducing...now go to the 'main part'.

They helped me to celebrate my 21st birthday in this restaurant call Michael Angelo on 24th February 2007. I was really happy at that time because I got surprises, twice, in the same day. I got a big slice of birthday cake after we finished our dishes. Why was a surprise because Sya n Alv said that they went for smoke, but then when they came up they came up with the cake and the candle on it! haha...then another surprise was Sya gave me a dragonfly necklace that I mentioned I wanted it when I saw it in Chapel Street.

Yea, although I can celebrate my 21st birthday gao gao which what usually people do (turn to adult d ma), but I think this 21st birthday is not bad at all. Thank u guyss!! again...hehe

~ from left to right ~
Steven, Syahid, Alvin,
vOon (me), Diyana

~ They all like this pic cause the mood, and got 'feel'.
I feel the same way too..hehe~

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