Monday, May 05, 2008

blog blog blog

arrghh...i really need to decide which blog should I use d...but actually until now i also cant really 100% decide yet which i wanted to use :( but at least i know wat i'm going to do with my blog...hehe usual mostly i will write some articles of what i think about something, when i m out of idea, i will just gonna write about my every day life i guess. since my life is boring (wuahaha), i gonna post stuff that has happened...maybe something life in australia, haha...sounds stupid thou, was here for so long d only post i guess twice only...

anyway...hopefully this time I really get to follow up every day, or at least once a week to post my stuff here... :p

P.S : Oh..maybe u guys who reading this can help me decide which blog i should use. this
(blogspot) or this


DroopY said...

Go for This blogspot - as it does not require uh to create any id.
In order to post in friendster, uh need to have friendster id. And i am speaking on BEHLAF OF ME -"i am lazy to create friendster id".
But anyway, on second thoughts, if uh put ur blogs in friendster all ur frens from friendster will know about it :).
But if uh make a separate blog, uh will have to inform all ur frens giving them the url of ur blog, so uh will have to do publicity.
However, If your blogs really good - uh wont need publicity .... People will come from all parts of the world.
And i guess there is gonna be less spam here in blogspot than previous version of blogspot as there is "word" verification now.But this does not ensure 100% protection but still it does work.
And besides uh are doing the moderation, uh will have to approve before we see what we have posted, and i think u r wise enuff to delete all the spams :).
Why am i writing so much - cos for 2 weeks i have been carrying my SIT 371 book with me and i havent studied a single page but i carried it everywhere and all the time whenever i left for my uni BUT NO STUDY AT ALL ...
Tonight i am frustrated by my assignment, my book is in the kitchen and i have not to touch the book tonight .Otherwise i always sleep with my book pretending to study but NOT TONIGHT ...
Anyway, there uh see i am going off the topic, i usually go off n then come back to the topic again .
So yeah, i think this blogspot is fair enuff. But, the choice is urs, i somehow feel u will choose friendster cos ur thought is opposite of me.
hahahahahha perception thingy.

PS: i wish i cud write my assignment like this

vOon said...

haha...i've already thought wat u writing here..tat's y i'm still deciding..but this time maybe we're kinda same coz if i not planning 2 use this blog i wont post this thing here...but stuff r not good enuff tat ppl wil wan 2 read without publicity :P