Monday, May 12, 2008

my journey to Melb

well well...i know its kinda weird but yea...i will post my journey to Melb, from the 1st day till now...hahaha...i know its abit late la..but things will never be late, just depends u wanna do it anot. n posting the journey was one of my things that i plan to post in the blog.

hm..let's see...the day I first reach Melbourne was 8th February 2007 (my flight was on 7th night). Of course I have home sick, the day I left KLIA (Msia airport), I'm crying terribly because of leaving my family too for a while. This is my first time leaving my place and staying outside alone. Ya I know I can be independent, but i didnt know till wat level. the sad things dont wanna mention la, haha.

When I first reach here, should say from the moment I step in the airplane to Melb, I've already felt excited. Things will be totally different for me I guess. The feeling of doing to adventure, like a new life. But yet also the feeling of missing my love ones. So it's a mix feeling which I think some people who face the situation like me before will understand that the feeling which cant be describe by words.

So I waited in the airport for the person that suppose to fetch me for hour or more. After he's here, he fetched me and another girl which studying in the city, so I get to have the chance to tour around first (but actually that time I also dont know I was in the city, haha) So after that the guy sent me to Boxhill. Well, that place I stayed, kinda sucks, cause we can't even boiled water or something in the room (now I know why), luckly I'm someone that doenst really drink a lot of water. I just go the shopping centre nearby to get my food for my lunch and dinner (think back also felt so kesian,haha) for that 1 or 2 days.

Awwwww....the most I cant forget is when I get to contact my parents and my bf. My dad sent me only 1 msg, just asking how's everything. I think that's enuff d. When get to talk to them is like someone pull u to rescue u when u feeling hopeless. or maybe I abit too much describing it..haha. Anyway...yea...the 2nd day me and my fren went to Uni for our orientation stuff, n also look for places to stay. There is when I get to know a gal from SG called Diyana and her mom. Long story la how and where we get to get the place I staying now. At last I also didnt care d when the temporary accomandation I staying at that time was supposed to stay for 1 week (which I already paid the deposit for 1 week), but no different wat, coz another accom also pay d, so stay where also rugi.

~the temporary accomandation~ macam jail nia!

~a house in Boxhill that I think its so nice so I
took the picture (sorry ya the owner :p )
Hope I can have this kind of house in the future~ *wink*

~ the part where attracted me to chose this

~ my room in the house ~ vertical room, haha ~

~ my fav place of the house, where I always sit there and watch the sky. Love it especially when its kinda cold and there are so much starssss in the sky ~ I think I will miss this most when back in KL~

Yea, so that's the first part of the journey, getting a stable place to stay, everything seems ok d...well...not yet...haha...the journey still got long way to go (at that time)..imagine la now already May 2008 la


DroopY said...

So you stayed at Box Hill.
I find this place is convenient and very quiet and safe, and very good housemates and excellent owner and family. its da best house in box hill, all the housemates say because too many facilities are there. But now since i am not working, i find this place expensive :(. IS 520 per month ok ... IS it expensive or cheap or so so ?
Yeah, exactly the same feeling i had when i left India's airport, my mom had tears in her eyes, but i didn't cry because "I'M A MAN"hahahaha. i was tooo excited n didnt sleep at all. Everything is like a dream for me . ITs been 3 months(almost) and i am still loving this place but i miss my family now.
Anyway, life still rolls by and yeah how come ur interested in the sky. But my fascination for the sky is to do with some UFOs, Aliens and Meteorites. They are my hobby.
But uh got a nice room there and clean too:).
Now after u go, i think i shud start writing a blog :) on my experience here in melbourne.

vOon said...

tat's just the temporary accomandation, its more like a hostel i guess...520 per month consider ok d
same here...i mean my parents mom tears came out d..not sure with my dad, for sure not my younger bro (act cool), i think i saw my bf have tears thou...hahaha
well...i love the sky, maybe tat's the only way that i can relax myself althought still have alot of thoughts goin on in my head
haha..the room is clean coz i just moved in like few days, things will be very diff when during the middle of the sem, coz the table will be full of stuff (coz of assignments)
yea...u should write ur journey since u have a blog...