Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bangkok trip day 1

Well, since I have nothing much to update also rite, and cause I wanna share with u guys a place that I would wanna go again. I wont hide that this trip was happened last year February, u guys also can notice (DUH) my hair was long at that time, so cant hide also..haha. Supposingly I am someone that will not spend money to go to the same place again but not this place – BANGKOK…seriously…I don’t know its because not enuff time or wat, maybe sort of la, but the food there...OMG!! really damn nice, cin cai eat at the road there also nice u know!

Ok, let me start from the 1st day then. My fren – mei lee (which u guys wont be unfamiliar with her if u often read my blog) was the first time taking airplane and 1st time went overseas…say hooray! Her 1st time gave us we must take the responsibility.

What happened in the airplane, let me recall ya. Nothing much actually, cause the day before we overnight at Yann’s house and that caused us only sleep like…2 hours? Shit man, we knew that will happen, how can a bunch of gals sleep more than 6 hours under this kind of situation…sure gossip la..hahaha.

So we slept around 4 something I guess, then woke up around 6 cause the flight depart at 7something if I’m not mistaken. Luckly we get to get on the flight (which we almost cant cause we were kinda late d). Masuk plane, sleep. Reached! Wuahaha

Yann told us that the last time she went, it was very hazy due do the environment there. But it happened to be..quite fresh la, not to say very fresh but I think at least better than Malaysia. So while we were in the airport, we played with my Sony camera – the smile shutter thingy, and we laughed so much and loud. I think the local there might be thinking that we were like crazy or something. :p

so pretty (so tagline like :p)

5 of us in 1 tuk tuk...

Eh, now only I notice, we didn’t did much during the first day. Firstly was because our tour guide – Yann got sicked. Kesian man, I guess u guys also damn frus rite when come out got a trip then sakit. So she told us to go nearby and have fun ourselves, something like that la I cant remember d. So we went to ‘Platinium’ shopping centre. So, what I remember was that we went Swensens. I can tell u, maybe it taste the same la, but my fren said it was CHEAPER compare the Swensen in KL…weirdnya.

taken outside platinum shopping centre

I love Thai's MC.D...ok..I should say I love every wheres' MC.D :p

yummy yummy~~

Ok la, I wont deny I like to kap chai, but I like to kap lui as well, hahaha. Of course we same gang wan also like to kap chai la. But Mei Lee more geng loh, she

even recorded them. I got the prove! Haha…cause the waiter serve us, she said Hi to him OMG, but she mmg fatt hao wan (ML: “nei lou mou ah, where got!”) hahaha. But seriously, they look not bad at all! Although the skin not that good la.

And this is end for the first day.

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