Tuesday, February 17, 2009

no more in love?

Second day ah, actually not much woh. The diff thing for this time holiday is just that, I woke up early easily. Hahaha, cause in those previous holiday, I still not used to wake up so late due to I am not working yet. So every time I wake up just because those stupid breakfast hours are so early (I rather sleep man) I think I need at least like 15 minutes to half hour? Hahaha…damn hard to make me start my day..but only my bf la..others no need wake me up I will d cause later plan all gotta postpone..pai seh.

As I said ler, 2nd day nothing much cause 12pm gotta check out d. So around 8.45am I woke up, 9 dah done…it is so nice actually no need to wake up early and make up which waste my sleeping time. Haha. We went for breakfast, as usual I makan nasi lemak, not bad la, but their fruits there omg..I think they prepare the food for ants and flies instead for us :p.

nice view when having breakfast..with the nice wind

nasi lemak...not bad at all

so many arrows T_T

this is the view during the day (taken during the night in the previous post)

behind is how the hotels look like

although I look chubby here la..but I just love this pic sooo much..fav pic so far for so long

my body look so weird here becoz of the water T_T

oopssy...cencor first by posting without permission...hahaha..but sunlight really the best make up I guess...no make up also can look so nice..wuahaha

After that, we went for the hot spring again. This time was not tat enjoying cause a lot of ppl there, also small kids. As in…2-5 yrs old? I mean, why do parents bring their kids such as young age while they cant really look after them. I quite dulan on that loh. Firstly, the father was quite far away from the mom and his 2 kids, playing with his gang of frens, how old d still behave like a teenagers, how can a mom take care of 2 kids. The elder one climb up and down, HELLO…its pool and stones. Its wet every where, luckly he is that smart that he know how to ‘detect’ whether he is stepping on the stone, then only he climb down, but still…damn dangerous loh. The worst thing is, the younger one which I think only 3 yrs old? I didn’t see how he fall, but after 2-3 seconds he fall and I saw it…damn scary wei! Its like u see those dead ppl drown d in the sea or water…this is what will happen a, a mother and 2 kids…then of course the small kid cry la, the the elder one tell me his bro is ‘ham bau’ (always cry wan), so the mom cant take care the elder one loh, there was one time he slips loh, luckly didn’t fall down and bang his head only. Me and my bf so worry but the dad…T_T…still playing…really childish. I think he don’t even know what happened to his kids just now.

Ok, done with all that. After that, nothing, go back shower all those. Check out. We planned to go the villa which cost around RM700 per night, kinda not worth. This time we no need curi curi cause we gotta pay there, the hotels wan they don’t have the credit card machines. We reached there, paid, we wander around. Actually I think its not that worth also to pay that much for just that, if u have bunch of frens going then ok la, since they have kitchen also. It’s a bungalow, they have private pool as well (sounds tempting d rite). I tried to enter one of it which have no guest staying but got the staff cleaning, so only dare to take 1 pic, haha..the private Jacuzzi.

the one and only pic tat curi taken in the villa

cam whoring while waiting my bf to check out

cam whore for the flowers

trying out the micro thingy...but using my very normal DIGI CAM...not those pro cam k

but came out this so damn nice punya pic...look so pro rite! can put as wallpaper d :p

too happy with my flowers :p

So, it is done for day 2 in Sungkai – Felda residence. If you wanna know more about it, you can google Felda Residence, its not that hard to go also, if u drive quite fast, then maybe around 1 hour can reach, slow ah…2 hours loh. I will reckon a group of people going will be nicer, then can stay in the bungalow wan, also go for private hot spring also more worth ma..hehe.

So anyone got any suggestion ah, how should I celebrate my birthday this weekend, so soon..I also didn’t realize it until my fren remind me…hm…but the exact date is 24th Feb la, so if you wanna post me any present hor, I don’t mind wan..hahahaahhahaha…post to my office (media prima – One FM) since house add is private wan :p


乌鸦 said...

waaaa... macam relax sangat ah these days. hahaa. by the way, u should ask ur bf about it. hint him about ur present

vOon said...

where got these days..just 2 days only loh..haha..ask him bout wat? wat present la..he bought me a handbag d..no surprise wan..sien T_T

yann said...

u really mafan la.. want something u like and want suprise.. i tell u..next time u give him a list of 100 items u want.. and let him pick.. see.. suprise or not~ hahahaha

vOon said...

hahaha...no need 100..I cant list tat much oso...he wont surprise me with gift I like wan la..he oso not sure wat kind of taste I like

乌鸦 said...

really mafan betul. lolz!

vOon said...

ya la..I'm the princess of mafan ma nowadays...last time more ma fan..Queen of ma fan, now not tat much d...so become princess position..hahaha