Monday, February 23, 2009

close to you - birthday celebration no.2 (part 1)

my dear gave me a birthday surprise...hahaha..of course I am happy...but also kinda expected..he gave me a surprise with me frens 'siong hak' in my blog :p

I dont know they plan how long d la, but I noticed this from last Wednesday. That day I went out with my bf for dinner, suddenly I saw he replying Yen, so I asked him, how come he got sms with her wan, then he said..oh..nth..just ask something. Then I know something going on d, then also because Yen mmg know how to cover, if not I think terbocor wan.

Maybe I know d gua, I mean..if I dont know at all that he will give me a surprise, I sure continue asked alot wan. Then right, my bf asked me, wanna sing k anot on this sat cause his colleague got discount, this is another point that I suspected, cause I also their member, takkan got discount I dont know wan ma, then nvm loh, since can get cheaper.why not...then my bf got ask wanna ask ml they all anot, then I also dont know..thought wanna wait maybe 1 or 2 days be4 only ask since they also not sure wan ler, haha...then my bf said, then just 2 of us...I also ok la. Dont know why I also forgot to ask them d.

On that day sure the most suspect wan loh. When I know we are singing in curve (which I though was in The Garden) I asked, where ur colleague stay wan...he said he dunno..I suspect abit d, how come he dont know, cause usually we know. Then he said he wanna go toilet, but after I came out d he oso havent come out (cause he said he stomach pain)which so ngam the day before he food poisoning, so I mai walk walk la. After we gao dim we went up to red box loh...then rite, we straight got the room number, I sure suspected la..I was can it be...I'm so familiar with Red Box, if u r the 1st who go in sure gotta check in 1st only get room number, then he said his fren help us check in d...actually impossible also, cause I dont think they will give u the room 1st due to the payment those..I just let it be loh..since he wanna said so...

but I think maybe the God also wanna help them and give me a surprise...haha...cause suddenly the promoter came in and ask us pay the bil, I felt weird loh, we didnt even order food yet. Then another thing is, when I went in, I saw no one...which also make me feel suspicous towards it cause how come 2 ppl only give me such a big room...3 mics somemore...I should go and be some inventigator...hahahahahaha

Then after I sang one song, which is abit quite long d la..if give surprise shud be earlier happened to be ML came bad kan..wan give ppl surprise came late somemore..beh tahan..hahahaha...then..yea loh..they masuk...then SURPRISE loh! hahaha...and 1 thing so funny...OBVIOUSLY we didnt discuss what color to wear, but we happened to wear so redish....really unbelievable punya fatenya...hahahaha

wow...I remember that time I dont know make what wish, I just know there's lots of things going in my mind so it took quite long for me to make 'some' wishes..haha

of course must take with ji mui

and of course my dearest dear dear that planned allthese..even the bill also he payed..haha..although that day used my credit card 1st la :p

I love all my cakes this yr...cake for today is so delicious..also my frens punya sam si cause she know I like vanilla..but the promoter said if only vanilly no she add coffee cause she know I like coffee too...haha...thanks

show show abit 1st :p

this pic I look like a hamster loh...which I have to agree of what my family say bout my look..look like hamster T_T

this is why I seldom take pics of the frontal angle gua...its not because chubby...that wan everyone know d...but is because that make me look like a small kid...I am 23 d loh...(half more hour *wink*)

again...I wanna thanks to u guys...that trying to cover..and been late....hahaahhahha...this teach ppl that better dont be late on attending those bloggers events if not kena write gao gao :p just jk la...haha

and of course my dearest dear dear...thanks cause u made my wish half come true :p no worries...I think next time u can totally give me a surprise..I'm waiting for that ya..haha

P.S part 1 is because I still have some pics n video taken by my frens...will post as part 2 once I got those pics :p...OMG OMG...after I woke up later then I'm 23 d T_T..okok...I shuld accept it happily :D

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