Sunday, February 08, 2009

gathering...again :)

when was the last time u meet up with ur frens? primary school one, secondary? college or uni...u remember?

dont know why...this year been a 'hectic' year for me, or should say started from end of last year, maybe I felt that I'm getting older, need to find back some 'old things' to make me feel la...just dont know why, to meet up with old frens, I feel tat is getting more n more matter which of my old frens ajak me..I sure 'yao sat goh mou fong goh'...haha..means surely attend if no other plans la

this time...walao..really long time no see d...I guess since after...12 years old? since after primary school then didnt get to meet up with him d, 1 thing is we are not same secondary skool la, another thing is he went to Ipoh to work recently he came back but just like...1 day only loh...suen jorrr...hahaha...anyway..I also not sure bout his life d, dont know is from sg or Ipoh la...always heard from my frens only...cause not tat close also ma..

anyway...ya..we went to ss2 wong kok sien...

his the guy...qing rong...and his gf...omg he so skinny d..he was skinny last more skinny

the joker..haha

someone dont wanna take pic...cause during the day took enuff of pics d (photoshooting), haha

this pic is perfect if its not blur

this guy also hardly appear in our gathering wan..haha

this guy also

lastly of course 'quen ga fook'...shud know who are those always attend gathering rite..haha

there's more to come! how bout u guys? :)


乌鸦 said...

i dont have T_T no gathering with them.

breadpitt said...

goshh , femiliar faces . poh keong AKA (橙包枪)lol!

vOon said...

crow-haha...ask them out la..takkan wait other ppl ask geh if they now u still have the reasons to ask them ma since cny (altot almost end) mostly ppl r free

breadpitt-eh..yahor..I forgot poh keong also studied in BU last time hor

乌鸦 said...

many of them oversea~ :(